Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Muslim State Invades Muslim State. Israel Blamed. Wodensday Rant

Ambulance Hoax
Originally uploaded by Sydney Weasel.
The picture shows a rusted ambulance that were used to hoax the world press to oppose Israel. It worked. One of the dead victims is walking around ..

Now that a ceasefire in Lebanon has been agreed there will, no doubt, be numerous inquests and questions asked about the month-long Lebanon war. So here's some we would like to ask.

Which country invaded its neighbour in mid-2006 in order to, as they put it, “crush” Islamists threatening regional stability?

Which country killed an estimated 500 people in a week when its artillery began bombarding its long-time guerrilla enemy in late July 2006, causing mass displacement and suffering?

If you think the answer is Israel, you guessed wrong.

On 19th July Ethiopia sent 5,000 troops into Somalia to suppress Islamists who had not even fired one rocket at it, or kidnapped or killed any of its soldiers.

The artillery barrage came from the Sri Lankan army, which continues to pound civilian areas held by the Tamil Tigers. Just a couple of weeks ago, an estimated 50 children were killed when their orphanage was bombed by Sri Lankan warplanes.

So how come our politicians completely ignore these crises and instead choose to focus solely on Israel's campaign in Lebanon?

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