Sunday, September 24, 2006

Red Horse sergeants preserve Soviet military heritage

Red Horse Sergeants
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By Air Force Tech. Sgt. Joseph Kapinos 455th Air Expeditionary Wing

BAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan - It sits alone in the sun surrounded by the detritus of war and conflict. The sand and sun have left their harsh marks on the face of a structure that once proudly honored the courage and sacrifice of fallen aviators. Destined to be destroyed in the name of progress, its proud heritage would be lost forever.

That is until two Air Force airborne engineers and an Army public affairs sergeant took it upon themselves to save this vital part of Afghan and Soviet aviation history.

Air Force Tech. Sergeants David Keeley and Raymond Ross, 1st Expeditionary Red Horse Group, along with Army Sgt. Tom Clark found the monument sitting in an area slated for demolition and reconstruction while they were surveying the area for a new compound that was going to be built for the Air Force. They decided that this was an important artifact and deserved to be saved.

“We were in the area looking at the old Soviet aircraft bunkers when we stumbled upon it,” said Keeley. “It was mixed in with old concertina wire and barriers.” {Click on image for photo details}
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