Saturday, April 26, 2008

Liberal Messages Saturday 26th April

Where is your compassion Mr Rudd?
Labor needs to explain why they are forcing younger ex-servicemen and women with a disability into a State system where one size fits all.

Rudd and Conroy must show hand on Pay TV gambling
Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Communications Minister Stephen Conroy must declare their positions on the pending introduction of Pay TV gambling, after the Federal Opposition called on them to use Commonwealth powers to stop it.

FuelWatch credibility drained by
As world oil prices soar to record highs, fuel prices posted today on cast further doubt on the effectiveness of FuelWatch.

Swan's five-point plan to fight inflation is a fizzer
Wayne Swan stated in his media release today that he has a five-point plan to fight inflation. What Australians want to know is – will we still have our houses when Mr Swan’s brilliant plan starts delivering?

Treasurer flounders as business confidence Swan-dives
It is now apparent that Labor's response to skills shortages in the workforce has been to slow the economy

Labor's supermarket plans won't save consumers a cent - Hartsuyker
Plans by the Rudd Government to cut grocery prices by making it easier for foreign supermarket chains to set up shop won’t save the consumer a cent.

Memo to Rudd - these are the real facts on Aust's refugee and humanitarian prog
Prime Minister Rudd demonstrated in his Monday night interview on the 7:30 Report that he is unaware of the real facts about Australia’s refugee and humanitarian policy.

Our Diggers snubbed in favour of celebrities
The Rudd Labor Government has shown it ranks our defence personnel as its lowest priority after a decision not to send a Government Member to welcome home 70 soldiers from Afghanistan during the 2020 Summit weekend.

Nelson Doorstop with The Hon Bruce Billson MP - Melbourne
Pay TV gambling, Tax reform, Peter Costello, Republic, Olympic torch relay, East Timor, Immigration, Merger, Federalism...

Ferguson misleads on shelf expansion
It was the foresight of the Howard government in proposing the extending of the outer limits of the continental shelf of Australia beyond 200 nautical miles from the baselines from which the breadth of the territorial sea is measured.

Time for Rudd to get real on problem gambling
The opposition strongly opposes proposed new forms of Pay TV gambling, an area under clear Commonwealth jurisdiction, that Mr Rudd could stop, but refuses to do so because he would have to stand up to states such as Victoria.

Labor set to axe tuition vouchers for struggling kids
Parents about to receive their first $700 Even Start tuition voucher to help their struggling children should not expect them in the future from the Rudd Government.

Tue, 22nd April 2008 Where's the ideas on our military future Kevin?
Tue, 22nd April 2008 Ageing: Everyone's doing it! But ageing isn't sexy enough for Rudd
Tue, 22nd April 2008 Scrapping LPG subsidy will add to petrol pain
Tue, 22nd April 2008 Government leaves Murray high and dry without 2020 vision
Tue, 22nd April 2008 Rudd can't wait on Zimbabwe any longer – an urgent CHOGM is needed
Tue, 22nd April 2008 Labor's reviews jeopardise Australian export markets
Tue, 22nd April 2008 Fitzgibbon must protect defence budget
Mon, 21st April 2008 Time for Political Climate Change (Opinion Piece for The Advertiser, 21/4)
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