Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Tragedy With No Answers

Hundreds of students and parents have gathered at a special assembly at Elim Christian College, to remember the six students and one teacher who were swept to their deaths in a tragic canoeing accident.

The names of the deceased were read out in the assembly by school Principal Murray Burton, as boxes of tissues were passed around teary eyed students.

Mr Burton read out a prayer, and told the assembly that although they may be angry, it is important to keep their faith.

"If our faith means anything at all, it must mean everything no," Burton said.
"Having said that, I have no answers, you have no answers, we have but miles of questions, and that is human."
Five people were rescued from the river, and are said to be recovering in hospital.
It is an outrage to suggest that the canoeing activity centre might continue without special safety modification. If no guarantee can be made that this will not happen again then the program should be closed for ever.

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