Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Liberal Messages

"Brendan's still listening: Dr Nelson hits Goulburn" - video on

Nelson Doorstop - Goulburn - FuelWatch, Tour, Drought assistance, Carers...
This FuelWatch system of Mr Rudd’s has got all the hallmarks of a stunt about it. I’m particularly concerned about how this is going to affect battlers that that are filling up on a Tuesday night.

The buck stops with Rudd
During the election, Kevin Rudd said that the buck stops with him, yet has shifted blame on disability funding to State Labor Governments.

FuelWatch - Can the Prime Minister make any guarantees?
The Coalition will support FuelWatch through the Senate, providing the Prime Minister and Chris Bowen can guarantee that no motorist will be a dollar worse off under this scheme.

Older Australians deserve apolitical ambassador
As a minister new to the portfolio, it is crucial that she surrounds herself with experts in aged care. But she has put older Australians second and manned her office with Labor Party operatives who have no experience in aged care.

Who's telling the truth on FuelWatch - Minister Bowen or Graeme Samuel?
Mr Hartsuyker said Assistant Treasurer Chris Bowen this morning contradicted comments by ACCC Commissioner Graeme Samuel and Petrol Commissioner Pat Walker on the benefits of FuelWatch.

Labor giving up on hard welfare cases
Coonan - It absolutely baffles me as to why Labor would want to scrap mutual obligation requirements at a time when unemployment is so low.

GP super clinic locations suspect
The 31 locations chosen for GP super clinics reveal the true extent of the Government’s pork-barrelling.

Rudd Govt climate lazy on clean coal - Time for a clean energy target
Prime Minister Kevin Rudd would do well to heed calls from the World Wildlife Fund and others for his Government to accelerate deployment of carbon capture and storage technology.

Questions Gillard must answer at tomorrow's Labor love-in
Australian parents, students and schools were promised an education revolution from Labor and so far all they have got is confusion, poor policy and cover-ups of state Labor failure.

Labor's failure on whaling
Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s failure to engage Japan about whaling on his world trip, showed that he and his Environment Minister, Peter Garrett, have been heroes at home but cowards in Tokyo.

Integrity is at Stake
Question on the policy of appeasement espoused by the Minister for Employment Participation, Brendan O’Connor in acquiescing to the demands of a vocal minority of welfare lobbyists.

Mr Rudd needs to tune into food security problems at home
Swan talking down the economy is already affecting business
Mr Garrett's ghost whaling envoy
Rudd Govt should call for Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting over Zimbabwe
Nelson interview with Kerry O'Brien (7.30 Report, ABC)
FuelWatch - Can the Prime Minister make any guarantees?
Nelson interview with Madonna King (612 ABC Brisbane)
ASIC victim of Labor's inability to make decisions
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