Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Merrylands High School Attacked

Chinese Flame Put Out
NSW Government mismanagement had to cause some observable problems. The great hope of the ALP in government is that they won't be in government when their poor policy erupts. As Waterfall rail disaster, Macquarie Fields Riots and any of a host of many events have shown, they are in office, and do not know what to do.

One idea is to blame the US, who have a conservative President.
GLORIFICATION of American gang violence may be behind a horrific schoolyard attack involving five boys as young as 14 armed with machetes and baseball bats.

Of course, the policy of harm minimization and the culture of abrogation of responsibility are really to blame.
Students of Merrylands High School yesterday blamed the emergence of young self-styled suburban gangs in Sydney's west for the attack - while five teenage boys have been charged with more than 100 offences linked to the spree today.
Tupac Scandal
In this case, the media have labelled the issue of too many children in detention as 'over policing' just yesterday.
However, the truth is that the government are parachuting troubled kids into good schools, then emasculating teachers. So when a teacher asks a recalcitrant to stop smoking on the playground, they blow smoke in the teacher's face. Authorities know this, but encourage the practice because there are few complaints.
Members of a group calling itself Gee40, made up of youths from Merrylands and Guildford, carried out the brazen, violent rampage, pupils told The Daily Telegraph.
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