Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Facing Death? Lewis Moran

Lewis Moran
UNDERWORLD figure Lewis Moran cowered in a corner as a masked gunman shot him, a jury has heard.

As the trial that stopped Victorians watching the Underbelly TV series began in the Supreme Court yesterday, jurors viewed security video of Moran's final moments before he was shot and killed in the Brunswick Club in Melbourne four years ago.

The black and white video shows two gunmen wearing balaclavas entering the club and one armed with a shotgun chasing Moran, who tried to escape past a row of poker machines only to be trapped.

As Moran cowered in a corner, his attacker, having dispensed with the shotgun, shot him with a large-calibre pistol.

As Moran slumped to the floor, his attacker leaned forward and fired another shot.
Judy Moran w Lewis' ashes
"Mr Moran was a sitting duck," prosecutor Andrew Tinney told the jury.
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