Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Live Science News Headlines

Komodo Dragon's Deadly Secret Revealed
Despite a wimpy bite, research shows how Komodo dragons can be killers.

Teenage Dinosaurs Might Have Butted Heads
Thick skulls would have protected some teen dinosaurs during head-butting.

Flashy Experiment Almost Creates Lightning
Psyche! Fire Ants Play Dead
Prayer No Guarantee Against Adultery
Study: Flowers Losing Smell
Physicists Gear Up For Huge Data Flow
The Shocking Truth About Married Girls
X-ray Vision Spies Dinosaur-Era Bugs
Shock: First Animal on Earth Was Surprisingly Complex
Lights Out Globally Saturday Night for 'Earth Hour'
How the Dalai Lama Keeps His Cool
Party Trick: How We Hear One Voice Amid Many
Hey, Four-Eyes! You're No Geek!
Deception: As Human as Sex Itself
Climate Threat: Thawing Tundra Releases Infected Corpses
Is Beef Jerky Safe?
Predicting the Next Major Virus
Modeling Crowd Behavior
Buzzing Stops Fat
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