Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Girls Can Be Harsh Judges

Lana Krost
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Lana was not likely to win the 2007 Idol competition, but she was not fairly judged either. The bottom three featured the three most girly contestants left, the more mature female not being a threat to the teen girl audience.
It isn't as if the audience is solely teen girls, but teen girls have better communication skills, and are not backward in coming forward with their opinion on things such as Idol. Teen boys might be watching, but as the result shows, they weren't voting.
Best wishes for your future, Lana.

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Anonymous said...

Eliminated Lana Krost loves her Australian Idol gossip
By Michael Gadd
LOVE scenes in the spa, a rock star-style night on the town and a teen romance have been among the rumours circulated during this season of Australian Idol.

A Sunday newspaper report said the contestants were fed up with the lengths taken by some media folk to dish up their dirt.

But 17-year-old Lana Krost, the latest singer eliminated from the show last night, says they find it "really hilarious".

"I've always been the one buying all the magazines and reading the stories out to everyone," she said today.

"I'm going to make a big scrapbook about it all. What if something like this never happens again? I want to remember it all."

Earlier in the series teenager Matt Corby and already eliminated contestant Brianna Carpenter were photographed in the spa of the Idol house but were quick to deny a fling.

Another Idol's nightclub escapades were also reported by a newspaper.

Krost's sunny attitude to the Idol gossip comes despite being the subject of a rumour herself - that she and laconic NSW Central Coast surfie Marty Simpson were an item.

"Marty and I read that together and thought that was so funny," she said.

"He was my best mate on the show but there's nothing going on."

Now Krost's attention turns to her Higher School Certificate exams, which begin next week.

She says her Idol commitments have restricted her study time but admits she's "never really been a school person".

Instead of diving into recording straight away, as ousted singers Carpenter and Holly Weinert have vowed to do, Krost said she would travel the world and find her own sound before attempting to further her singing career.

But she also has her eyes on a role in Home and Away or Neighbours.

"I've done some acting at schools and in musicals, but never on camera, so I think that would be really cool," she said.

It could also get her back in the gossip pages she loves so much.