Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Headline is just wrong

Clarke's Maiden
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Professional cricketers visit a pub on tour, and they have minders to make sure the ACB doesn't get embarrassed.

When pictures are taken, some ham up the shot, as can be seen here.

Maybe, later, Clarke had sex with this girl, but the fact is, had that happened, the photographer would have used shots of that. Instead we have a drunk girl pawing a young, wealthy man. Probably not a bad party.

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Anonymous said...

Bingle defends Clarke's naughty pics
from news.com.au
IT'S the biggest bungle in their relationship since it began, but glamour girl Lara Bingle wasted no time speaking out in defence of her man Michael Clarke yesterday.

The Shire babe told Confidential she did not believe her cricketer boyfriend had cheated on her, despite the emergence of a damming photograph showing a busty fan draped all over the sportsman during a wild night in South Africa last week.

"I have spoken to Michael quite a few times over the past few days and I trust him completely," she said.

Confidential received reports that Bingle was seen in tears at Sydney airport yesterday - her mum by her side - as she prepared to fly to South Africa to be with a devastated Clarke.

Her manager Chris White confirmed Bingle was at the airport but said she was simply there to change flights, denying that she flew out of Sydney yesterday.

White explained his star charge was swapping a flight to India - where she was scheduled to meet Clarke - for a ticket to North America, after a casting opportunity unexpectedly came up.

"She had a ticket to India later this week, she was never going to South Africa," he said.

White told Confidential it was now unclear whether Bingle would still be able to meet her red-faced boyfriend in India, as originally planned.

The photos - published in Confidential yesterday - show a bleary eyed Clarke partying with teammate Andrew Symonds during the Twenty20 World Cup.