Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Rudd Policy?

Poker Machine
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Mr Rudd, who introduced Queensland to Poker machines as a source of revenue when he was working for Wayne Goss as senior beauracrat has made a policy statement. He will get rid of them. He hasn't funded this statement, and it is doubtful he would ever do this, but it is a promise.

Poor Kevin. He can't even remember the last time he saw a pretty girl naked, because he was blind drunk, and on a diplomatic mission. He won't talk about his involvement in the Heiner affair. But he will make unfunded promises to rescind something he shouldn't have done years ago.

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Govt attacks Labor's 'phoney' pokie pledge
September 14, 2007 - 5:00PM
Source: ABC

Foreign Affairs Minister Alexander Downer has accused Opposition Leader Kevin Rudd of running a phoney campaign against poker machines.

Mr Downer says Mr Rudd's pledge to reduce state government reliance on pokies revenue is not funded.

He says Mr Rudd helped introduce poker machines to Queensland when he worked as a government chief of staff.

"This phoney line on pokies is just a profound embarrassment and it exposes the Labor Party and Mr Rudd for what they are, which is people pulling stunts with no capacity to govern Australia," he said.

Mr Downer's attack comes after federal Treasurer Peter Costello said the issue of poker machines in Australia needed to be addressed.

"I regret that we have so many poker machines in Australia, I'd like to see less," he said.

"I think that governments have to work together to address this problem gambling phenomenon.

"People are losing homes, jobs, families because essentially they have an addiction."