Saturday, January 12, 2008

Cold, Heartless ALP Fail Basic Administration

QLD Aurukun kids, originally uploaded by ddbsweasel.

The picture shows some school kids changing venue at a school. An Idyllic scene.
Not shown is the now 12 year old girl, who was the center of a storm over the failure which led to her rape by many, over a sustained period of time.
Born with fetal alcohol syndrome, she was raped by her father, aged 5. She has been in over 40 foster care homes since. She was raped by many when she was 7, and placed in foster care in a different neighborhood, where the foster carer dad took a year off work to attend solely to her.
Sadly the stolen generation myth resulted in her being removed from healthy care, and returned to the toxic environment where she was raped again at age 10. The nine rapists were not given a jail term as the 10 year old had 'given her consent' and so the prosecutor did not ask for a custodial sentence.
Meanwhile, the state government (ALP) made the claim to the federal government (then conservative) that there were no problems with local community. A clear lie.
Now, this girl aged 12 is supervised 24/7 by six carers at the cost of two million dollars a year. She has no contact with strangers her own age. She is violent and her behavior criminal.
A pediatrician who has treated the girl since she was very young maintains he believes she could be rehabilitated, so long as the appropriate measures are taken now.

"My experience is the older the kids are the less likely you are to turn them around."

Really? They have experienced some successes?

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