Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Why Che Was a Monster pt2 Childhood

All of which paints Guevara as a small boy, nothing which goes to the thesis of Che being a monster.
Many leftist families have productive, hard working and honest sons. Che's play on the Rugby field was legitimate play. Pablo Neruda was a gifted poet, although a sad politician.
Reading great classics has been known to inspire great thoughts and deeds.
So why did Che feel he could execute, without trial, hundreds of people? Why did Che feel the world would be better off with millions left in life crippling poverty, calling for revolution for salvation and using death as a political game?
Meanwhile, a 39 yo man has been charged with the rape and murder of a 10 yo girl. In Queensland. The murder aspect might see this guy get jail time, if he is convicted.

A 22 yo man is being questioned over the hit and run murder of his 18 yo girlfriend.

Millionaire ALP former leader and convicted child molester D'Arcy lives it up on parole. At the time of his conviction, press admitted to hamming up his 'conservative christian leader' values. Still, serving jail time in Queensland for raping children seems harsh by modern standards.
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