Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Margaret Thatcher Tribute

In loving memory of the Baroness Thatcher. She gave much and asked for nothing that wasn't earned or deserved. I remember the terrible, infantile attacks on her, finishing with the Wizard of Oz song, repeated lies about her (she didn't support apartheid, she wasn't a war monger). She liberated peoples of the UK from the depredations of socialism.

"The Carnival Is Over" is a Russian folk song (1883) with lyrics written by Tom Springfield in 1965 for the Australian group The Seekers, who customarily close their concerts with it. At its peak, the song was selling 93,000 copies per day and is No 30 in the chart of the biggest selling singles of all time in the United Kingdom, and has sold 1.41 million copies in the UK alone.[1] I chose it in tribute for the Australian connection and out of contempt for those who abused the Wizard of Oz.
I was raised as an Atheist. I learned, after reading the Bible, that God loves me, and you. This is his song for you too. He loves you, and wants to be with you.
All the elements are me and mine. ARIA ISRC number AUAWN1304117
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