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Happy birthday and many happy returns Faten Dablan andBling ForBabesBorn on the same day as Rachel Boyd .. today. The same day John Wilkes Booth fatally shot Abraham Lincoln. A tragedy, and yet, maybe some of that spirit .. Many congrats Peter and Suzie, loving parents of Rachel

Emily’s List would never have chosen Thatcher

Miranda Devine – Sunday, April 14, 2013 (12:29am)

If the Australian Labor Party’s affirmative action/"EMILY’s List” had been in place in Britain when Margaret Thatcher was making her rise, she never would have reached the top.
The late British prime minister’s life was the antithesis of the deadbeat philosophy behind such gender quotas, which reward mediocrity above worthiness.
A woman who favoured self-reliance over collectivism, individual effort over institutional preferment, integrity over compromise, a renegade, a non-conformist, would never have fitted into such an egregiously unjust system.
Quotas are designed to promote the worst sort of people. They benefit the spivs, the cheats, the slackers, the fakes and the incompetents. At heart they are just another socialist redistribution mechanism, and are as doomed to failure as all the others.
Quotas reward cheap Machiavellianism, a career spent greasing up to vested interests, engaging in office politics and intrigue, gaming psychometric tests and pandering to human resources departments, plotting coups, and forging alliances with like-minded con-artists. Such people are singularly unsuited to lead a nation or a business.
Thatcher would not have been chosen, nor been willing to be drafted under such a corrupt system.
Yet once an affirmative action arrangement is established, opportunities to flourish outside it are poisoned, because unfair preferment of women damages the credibility of all women, whether they buy into the system or not. Those capable of succeeding on merit are tainted with the suspicion that they could not have made it without special assistance.
“I would hate a person to ask me a question, are you a quota woman or are you a merit woman,” Thatcher said in 1993, three years after she left office. “I would like (the assessment of) whatever I did to be that I got there because I was the right person for the job, (that) it didn’t matter as a man or a woman. I had the right qualities for the job, the right beliefs, the right principles. I wasn’t a quota.”
Thatcher’s self belief was reinforced by the knowledge that, when she came to the prime ministership in 1979, she was owned by no special interest group. She was a creature of her middle-class, Methodist upbringing, with a scientist’s logical brain, faith in the free market and the virtues of thrift, hard work and self reliance.
She was utterly her own woman.
And she knew that bureaucratic processes such as quotas are only dreamed up by authoritarian leftists to advance their own ideology. Women are just the vehicle, and if it ever comes down to a contest between women and ideology, they always lose.
“Nowadays, socialism is more often dressed up as environmentalism, feminism or international concern for human rights,” Thatcher once said.
“All sound good in the abstract. But scratch the surface and you will as likely as not discover anti-capitalism, patronising and distorting quotas, and intrusions upon the sovereignty and democracy of nations.”
She could have been talking about Labor’s feminist network, EMILY’s List, co-founded by Julia Gillard and her mentor, the failed Victorian premier Joan Kirner, to promote “progressive” women in the party, and advance left-wing causes.
Emily is the unfortunate acronym for Early Money Is Like Yeast that is, it makes dough rise.
To prosper as a woman in Labor you have to belong to EMILY’s List.
To belong to EMILY’s List, as at least 75 per cent of Labor women do, you must be a pro-abortion feminist supporting “equity” and “diversity”?
Its “40/40/20 Affirmative Action Rule”, enshrined in Labor policy, requires that a minimum of 40 per cent of women be preselected in winnable seats. EMILY’S List is bitterly resented by staunch Labor men, who daren’t criticise it out loud for fear of being branded misogynists.
Privately they describe it as a, “barnacle that has attached itself to the Labor Party, a parasite on the body politic (which) alienates voters, especially in marginal seats”.
They know it is the vehicle for a stealth takeover of their party by the Left, using gender as a weapon. Thus it renders Labor increasingly out of touch with the electorate.
As for benefiting women, EMILY’s List would actively exclude a star candidate such as Thatcher.
“The feminists hate me, don’t they,” she once asked The Spectator’s Paul Johnson.
“And I don’t blame them. For I hate feminism - it is poison.”
Without EMILY’S List, Julia Gillard, who history will probably record as Labor’s worst prime minister, would never have made it to the top. It is the vehicle by which Gillard has realised her ambitions. Foiled by the party and twice unable to win preselection on her own merits, she and Kirner set about finding a way to subvert Labor processes.
Kirner was reportedly “incandescent with anger” after Gillard missed out on a winnable position on Labor’s Senate ticket in 1996, and decided to set up the affirmative action group. Gillard drafted the constitution.
Once she made it into parliament in 1998, EMILY’S List continued to do Gillard’s dirty work.
For instance, in 2004 leaked EMILY’s List polling found fault with then deputy Labor leader Jenny Macklin, claiming she was “failing to cut through”.
Surprise, surprise, it rated Gillard as parliament’s top performer. Soon enough, Gillard had Macklin’s job.
Even with a woman in The Lodge, EMILY’s List continues to up the ante. Having almost reached its goal of 40 per cent of women in the parliamentary Labor party, it is pushing for 50 per cent.
There have been attempts to reserve a portion of safe seats for women only.
And now Gillard is pushing the idea of artificial quotas in the wider community, to get more women onto corporate boards and into top roles in the public service. Treasury has complied, with a plan for women to fill 35 per cent of senior ranks by 2016.
One of the first feminist luminaries invited to Australia by EMILY’s List was Glenda Jackson, the actress-turned British Labor MP.
It was Jackson last week who led the criticism of Thatcher in the hours after her death. She couldn’t deny that Thatcher had shaped history more forcefully and effectively than almost any man. So she just denied Thatcher was a woman.
“The first prime minister of female gender, OK. But a woman? Not on my terms.”
With women such as Jackson and her EMILY’s List acolytes running the show, there will never be another Thatcher. Which is probably the point.


Illegal boat’s mainland arrival should alarm all

Piers Akerman – Sunday, April 14, 2013 (12:23am)

THE Gillard government has slipped into fantasy mode. It’s about the only strategy that it has left. 



Tim Blair – Sunday, April 14, 2013 (6:11am)

bizarre report on Australian politics from US-based Bloomberg correspondents: 
Prime Minister Julia Gillard said a dishonest opposition using gender rhetoric intended to discredit the country’s first elected female leader won’t prevent her coming from behind to win the Sept. 14 national vote. 
If Bloomberg’s reporters had been paying attention, they might be aware that the only politician using “gender rhetoric” is Gillard herself
“There’s been a lot of white noise and a lot of atmospherics in Australian politics,” Gillard, 51, said in an interview at her Sydney office yesterday. A “bitter” campaign by Liberal-National chief Tony Abbott has deepened unease with the first minority government since World War II among voters unfamiliar with being led by a woman, she said. 
Gender rhetoric! 
Among forces arrayed against Gillard are radio-show hosts who call the prime minister by her first name, rather than using her title or surname. 
Apparently Will Ferrell, who refers to the Prime Minister as “Jules" and “Julia”, is among theforces arrayed against her. 
“From some of our shock jocks and all the rest of it, it is about lack of respect and lack of acknowledgment of my legitimacy as prime minister,” Gillard said when asked about references to her as “Julia.” 
Tell Hughesy and Carrie about it, Julia. 
Beyond radio, some print media members have used the “Julia” moniker, including columnists in publications such as The Age and the Daily Telegraph, one of Australia’s most widely circulated newspapers. 
One of them is. 
“Some aspects of the media have had a grumbling disrespect for the prime minister that seems far more contemptuous than if she were a bloke,” said Eva Cox, founder of the Women’s Economic Think Tank …
“When you see ‘Julia’ used in headlines, the tone is more personal than you would expect for a national leader. There seems to be more than a usual amount of hostility directed at her because of her gender.” 
Do we really have to show all the old Honest John headlines to prove this claim wrong? 
Win or lose in September, Gillard said her legacy is secure after introducing a carbon price and improving education, which is “closest to my heart.”
“I believe this will be remembered as a time in which we got all the elements right to seize the opportunities of this century of change in the region,” Gillard said. “When I’m an older person and sitting back in the retirement home watching our nation, I will be seeing a stronger nation because we have done those things.” 
Enjoy your retirement, Jules.
(Via David B.)
UPDATE. Check out Smiley McBowtie’s forensic interview technique: 


The Bolt Report today

Andrew Bolt April 14 2013 (3:49pm)

Gillard vs Thatcher… One of them could learn a lesson.

Professor Michael Porter: which NBN plan is the best value?

Alexander Downer and Cassandra Wilson debate… on trains, schools, deficits and Crean.

And silly stunts - and the leader who wouldn’t do them.
Feel free to comment here. The show also has a new Twitter account:
As usual, you can view the clips here.

14 APRIL 2013
ANDREW BOLT, PRESENTER: The Opposition this week unveiled its own national broadband scheme, which it says will cost $30 billion. In contrast, Labor’s scheme will cost $44 billion, although the Opposition says it’s blowing out to double that. True, the Government’s roll-out is so far behind, even the Communications Minister can’t keep up.
STEPHEN CONROY: So the number of premises passed will be around 240,000, I think, is the number that was - about 220,000, sorry. It’s down from 340,000.
ANDREW BOLT: But for less money, you also get less - in most cases, the Opposition’s NBN will run fibre-optic cable, not all the way to people’s homes, but to a box in their street. After that, most of us must use existing Telstra copper connections, or pay extra. The result - Labor’s NBN guarantees everyone speeds of 100 megabits per second. The Coalition can guarantee only 50 megabits by 2019. Joining me is Michael Porter, research professor of public policy at Deakin University. Michael, Labor’s offering a better NBN system for more money - between $14 billion and $60 billion more, depending on whose figures you accept - is it worth that extra money?


Illegal after all, even if I can’t say so

Andrew Bolt April 14 2013 (8:53am)

They attack Tony Abbott for using the phrase:

LEGAL experts have challenged Opposition Leader Tony Abbott’s assertion it is ‘’illegal’’ for asylum seekers to arrive by boat in Australia.
The Press Council says journalists shouldn’t use the phrase:
In these circumstances, great care must be taken to avoid describing people who arrived by boat without a visa in terms that are likely to be inaccurate or unfair in relation to at least some of them. This can arise, for example, if the terms can reasonably be interpreted as implying criminality or other serious misbehaviour on the part of all or many people who arrive in this manner.
Depending on the specific context, therefore, terms such as “illegal immigrants” or “illegals” may constitute a breach of the Council’s Standards of Practice on these grounds. The risk of breach can usually be avoided by using a term such as “asylum seekers” although in some cases, of course, the context may require reference to their unlawful or unauthorised entry or their status as unlawful non-citizens pending determination of their claims (if they do not have bridging visas).

But the Gillard Government is now telling boat people that “illegal” is just what they are:
(Thanks to reader Tom.) 


Galaxy: Labor 46 to 54

Andrew Bolt April 14 2013 (5:57am)

A Galaxy poll has Labor “just” eight points behind - but not trusted with our savings:
Just one in three - 34 per cent of voters - agreed they were most likely to trust Julia Gillard with their super.
Overall, 45 per cent of voters said they were most likely to trust Tony Abbott with managing government policy on their retirement savings…
[The poll figures] would deliver a two-party-preferred outcome of 54 per cent for the Coalition and 46 per cent for Labor.


Killing babies doesn’t fit the media picture

Andrew Bolt April 14 2013 (5:54am)

Late-term abortions are too hard for the media. Too gruesome and too challenging to the convention that abortion is simply a woman’s right to choose:

Infant beheadings. Severed baby feet in jars. A child screaming after it was delivered alive during an abortion procedure. Haven’t heard about these sickening accusations?
It’s not your fault. Since the murder trial of Pennsylvania abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell began March 18, there has been precious little coverage of the case that should be on every news show and front page.


She promises, others must pay

Andrew Bolt April 14 2013 (5:15am)

A promise to schools to be paid for by universities and the states:
State schools would be the big winners of federal education reforms, with Prime Minister Julia Gillard to announce on Sunday they would receive more than 80 per cent of a $14.5 billion boost in spending over six years.
However, the school reforms will be paid for with savage slashes to universities and students, with $2.8 billion in cuts targeting many of the most disadvantaged…
Ms Gillard will outline further details of her school funding reforms on Sunday, including what proportion the states would be required to contribute.
And if the states don’t agree?
Note the different time frames given, so the spending is exaggerated.
In fact, Gillard’s promising more spending to schools of $2.5 billion a year, an unknown share of which must come from the states.
She’s paying for that by taking money from the tertiary sector, much over two years. That could mean something close to $1 billion a year in cuts, although no annual breakdown has been given.
Suddenly that cash reshuffle looks a lot less generous. 


4 her






I stood by your bed last night, I came to have a peep.
I could see that you were crying, You found it hard to sleep.
I whined to you softly as you brushed away a tear,
"It's me, I haven't left you, I'm well, I'm fine, I'm here."

I was close to you at breakfast, I watched you pour the tea,
You were thinking of the many times, your hands reached down to me.
I was with you at the shops today, Your arms were getting sore.
I longed to take your parcels, I wish I could do more.

I was with you at my grave today, You tend it with such care.
I want to re-assure you, that I'm not lying there.
I walked with you towards the house, as you fumbled for your key.
I gently put my paw on you, I smiled and said " it's me."

You looked so very tired, and sank into a chair.
I tried so hard to let you know, that I was standing there.
It's possible for me, to be so near you everyday.
To say to you with certainty, "I never went away."
You sat there very quietly, then smiled, I think you knew...
In the stillness of that evening, I was very close to you.

The day is over... I smile and watch you yawning
and say "good-night, God bless, I'll see you in the morning."
And when the time is right for you to cross the brief divide,
I'll rush across to greet you and we'll stand, side by side.
I have so many things to show you, there is so much for you to see.

Be patient, live your journey out...then come home to be with me.


I don't gamble .. but .. the white one .. - ed

Labor’s announcement to provide grants for crime prevention from proceeds of crime funds is a direct lift from the Coalition’s Plan For Safer Streets announced in October 2012.

If Labor can’t even control our borders, then how can they control street crime in our suburbs?

Did You Know?: The most notorious gangster in American history, Al Capone ran Chicago's largest bootlegging, prostitution and gambling syndicate. Are you a fan of mobster history? To celebrate the premiere of The Definitive Guide to the Mob onH2 tonight 9E/10P, we’re offering 20% off all our Mafia titles. Buy it here:



Biden Charges Secret Service $26,400 to rent from him on his property while they protect him!! Click LIKE if you think Joe Biden ought to instead pay the Secret Service to protect him! Check out the story here:

Researchers are using advanced sequencing and powerful supercomputers to uncover origin of common algae.

Using these new tools, researchers are trying to answer a number of basic questions about diatom evolution: How has the organism moved from a single site to every body of water in the world? And how have some species developed the ability to produce prodigious amounts of snot?



Settling in before tomorrow's class at the SF Zoo— at Holiday Inn San Francisco.

During the years of 2007-2011, Maggie Smith continued to film the final Harry Potter movies, all while battling breast cancer. During the filming of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood prince, she had shingles and was forced to wear a wig in order to continue filming.

On the subject, Smith said, “If there’s work to do I’ll do it. I’ve still got to stagger through the last Harry Potter. The cancer was hideous. It takes the wind out of your sails and I don’t know what the future holds, if anything"

Immense respect for the courage that she has shown.

This stunning wallpaper shows Voyageurs National Park in Minnesota. Voyageurs is a water-based park where you must take to the water to fully experience its lakes, islands and shorelines.

::: (\_(\
*: (=’ :’) :* like
•.. (,(”)(”)¤°.¸¸.•´¯`»
See More

Tomorrow night see Roma Downey and Mark Burnett discuss creating "The Bible" and the impact the series has had on the world. 

Don't miss it - Tomorrow night at 9/8c on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network.

The Warriors from last Tuesday's class at the fun and challenging location that we like to call the Nelson St Carpark! Shot by Helen Tran #team9lives #9livesparkour #9lives1love #family #parkour #freerunning #training #movement #streetworkout #fairfield #sydney #nodaysoff

Amputees often suffer from a phenomenon known as phantom limb syndrome, but researchers now say that non-amputees can also be made to feel phantom limbs, and even pain.

The brain can be so convinced that an invisible hand is part of the body that people sweat when the "hand" is threatened with a knife.


רה"מ בנימין נתניהו ורעייתו גב' שרה נתניהו עלו אמש לקברו של יוני נתניהו ז"ל לקראת יום הזיכרון לחללי מערכות ישראל שיחל מחר בערב. 

יוני נתניהו ז''ל נהרג במהלך מבצע אנטבה, והוא בעל עיטור המופת ממלחמת יום הכיפורים.

Prime Minister Netanyahu and his wife Mrs. Sarah Netanyahu visited the grave of Yoni Netanyahu of blessed memory in anticipation of Memorial Day for those who fell in Israel's battle that will commence tomorrow evening. Yoni Netanyahu, the recipient of the Order of Valor during the Yom Kippur War, was killed in the course of Operation Entebbe


don't hesitate. temporise.
"Patience is not the ability to wait, but how you act while waiting"



The Peacock Room.

Castello di Sammezzano in Reggello, Tuscany, Italy.

Miss Susan Hayword


If ever there was more evidence that the Labor Party are completely unfit to govern, just take the recent comments of Simon Crean.

Crean said of Gillard; 

He complete trashed Gillard’s method of governing;

And Crean is right. Gillard and Labor are NOT governing in the best interests of the nation - for them, it’s all about tomorrow’s headline.

And on Rudd, Crean said Rudd was; “JUST AS ARROGANT”

And remember, these are not statements made by a Liberal supporter, or even a journalist – they are made by a CURRENT LABOR MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT, someone that has been a senior member of both Rudd's and Gillard’s Cabinets.

Labor are a complete rabble, hopelessly divided and completely dysfunctional - Can anyone argue for another 3 years of this with a straight face, for a house divided cannot stand.

This divided & dysfunctional deadwood; Gillard, Rudd, Crean, Swan, Emerson, Bowen, Combet, Bob Carr, Conroy, etc, etc, etc - all need to be the cleaned out at the election which can't come soon enough. Labor need a long, long time in opposition to sort themselves out.

'shares' and 'likes' always appreciated.


The Obamas release their 2012 tax return -- Neil Cavuto says it looks a lot like the ones from Mitt Romney that he criticized >>

Gateway to the West: Daniel Boone Leading the Settlers Through the Cumberland Gap – 1775

David Wright is lauded as the premier artist of the American frontier. And his painting certainly depicts the hopes, fears and dreams of the pioneers as they journeyed through the nation’s first doorway to the west.




Country music singer Glen Campbell talks about John Wayne
- Video -

At this link:


The Searchers – Trailer
- Film Clip -

At this link:

Johnny Cash – Remember the Alamo
- Music Video -

At this link:

It’s Doctor Who Day! Don't missssssss the return of the Ice Warriors in 'Cold War' tonight at 7.30pm on ABC TV Australia.


A sad attempt at analysis, giving a bureaucrat's view that cheapens life, dismisses injustice and promotes corruption .. naturally it endorses ALP 'compassion'

How many have to die from bad policy before it becomes a problem? How many will pay family savings to pirate people smugglers to sidestep a cheaper legal alternative before it can be admitted opening the borders was a mistake? I could be wrong, but I don't feel the issue is about number but the enormity of the unfolding tragedy since the Pacific Solution was lifted. The situation was entirely predictable and was predicted by many that have since been ignored. Equity isn't supposed to be a life and death issue. Personally, I want Australia to be a big nation. I like migrants and want more. I welcome refugees. But this tragedy seems to be entirely political for some, and very personal to others. And the disconnect is entirely with the current federal Australian government.===


This guy reading the newspaper on the subway is Keanu Reeves.

He is from a problematic family. His father was arrested when he was 12 for drug dealing and his mother was a stripper. His family moved to Canada and there he had several step dads.

He watched his girlfriend die. They were about to get married, and she died in a car accident. And also before that she had lost her baby. Since then Keanu avoids serious relationships and having kids.

He's one of the only Hollywood stars without a Mansion. He said: 'I live in a flat, I have everything that I need at anytime, why choose an empty house?'

One of his best friends died by overdose, he was River Phoenix (Joaquin Phoenix's brother). Almost in the same year Keanu's father was arrested again.

His younger sister had leukemia. Today she is cured, and he donated 70% of his gains from the movie Matrix to Hospitals that treat leukemia.

In one of his birthdays, he got to a little candy shop and bought him a cake, and started eating alone. If a fan walked by he would talk to them and offer some of the cake.

He doesn't have bodyguards, and he doesn't wear fancy clothes.

When they asked him about 'Sad Keanu', he replied: 'You need to be happy to live, I don't.'"

"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle." - Plato




Be honest, you would try to break the glass too... it is a piñata .. - ed

The Sea of Galilee, in Northern Israel, figures prominently in both the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament.

Monday April 15th is The Day of Remembrance for Israeli Fallen Soldiers and Victims of Terrorism (Yom Hazikaron).
23,085 soldiers have fallen protecting Israel.




When God commands the blessing, the blessing has no choice but to come on your storehouses, and you have no choice but to be blessed! Check out more in today's devotional and be blessed!
…hope in the Lord; for with the Lord there is mercy, and with Him is abundant redemption (Ps 130:7).
Say to those with fearful hearts, "Be strong, and do not fear, for your God is coming to destroy your enemies. He is coming to save you." —Isa 35:4, NLT

Haman, the villain in the story of Esther, hated the Jews and sought to exterminate them. He succeeded in getting a decree issued to annihilate all the Jews in one day. 

But God used Queen Esther and Mordecai, both Jews, to turn the tables on Haman and save their people.

Haman was hanged, while a counter-decree was given that allowed the Jews to defend themselves and destroy their enemies in one day. And so, God turned what had begun as an evil day for the Jews into many good days. He turned their mourning into rejoicing and gave them victory over their enemies.

God can do the same for you today. He can turn the tables on your enemies and turn your sadness into joy! Simply rest in Jesus’ finished work at the cross, which has set you above every evil assault the devil attempts to throw at you, and watch your evil day turn into days of rejoicing!


Niceto Alcalá-Zamora





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