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Happy birthday and many happy returns Madan Paudel,Vince TangRatko Ray Stojicic and Andy Tran. Born on the same day across the years. Remember, birthdays are good for you. The more you have, the longer you live.


Tim Blair – Saturday, April 13, 2013 (2:55pm)

More than 3,500 words into their sport drugs scandal piece, Fairfax journalists Nick McKenzie and Richard Baker offer this information
The consensus, however, from the law enforcement and anti-doping and sporting community is that the federal government pushed the ACC to go too early and too hard. 
Interesting. Today’s Age also repeats an earlier claim, which ran on Thursday’s front page:


As Andrew Bolt points out, Hexarelin’s status as a banned performance-enhancer for athletes is irrelevant in Hird’s case. He’s a coach, not a player. This situation is analogous to any use by Hird ofcommon cold medicines, which are also on the banned list for athletes.
(Via Geoffrey in Jakarta)



Tim Blair – Saturday, April 13, 2013 (2:52pm)

Barnaby makes his move
Senator Barnaby Joyce is the Nationals’ choice to take on federal independent MP Tony Windsor for the NSW seat of New England …
[NSW Nationals MP Niall Blair] said the senator’s willingness to leave his Queensland senate seat demonstrated his commitment to the New England region.
“Barnaby is leaving a safe seat in the Senate to represent the area in which he grew up, against a four-term MP who has the full support of the Labor government,” he said.
“They don’t come much more committed than that.” 
Good on him.



Tim Blair – Saturday, April 13, 2013 (5:59am)

AAP’s Lisa Martin asks transport minister and high-speed rail enthusiast Anthony Albanese: 
Mr Albanese, by 2050, is it more likely Australia will have high-speed rail or flying cars? 
Albanese declined to answer, deeming the question disrespectful.



Tim Blair – Saturday, April 13, 2013 (5:53am)

Michael Pascoe on an opportunity lost: 
So the greenies are busy on social media celebrating their “saving” of the Kimberley as Woodside dumps the plan to process Browse Basin gas onshore at James Price Point, north of Broome.
Wonder if they spare any thought for the indigenous land owners who wanted the projectand now won’t receive the employment and billion dollars that, used wisely, could have transformed their marginalised community. 
Greens and their enablers are more worried about dinosaur footprints. Pascoe continues: 
Yes, James Price Point is beautiful, but all of the Kimberley is beautiful – and there is a vast amount of it. Industry and rational conservationist values can co-exist. The Kimberley is big enough for both. Or it was.
Or maybe I’m just strange enough to think all of this country is spectacularly beautiful and that it doesn’t have to be empty to be remain so. 
Further from Tony Barrass
Year after year organisations and identities such as Environs Kimberley, WWF Australia, the Wilderness Society and the Australian Conservation Foundation claimed the majority of locals did not want the project in their backyard (despite it being 60km north of Broome) and that the original consenting vote among traditional owners was somehow corrupt. However, three of the four parties – the Liberals, the Nationals and Labor – supported James Price Point. The Greens, standing alone, made no apologies for their stance …
As for the Greens, they must decide whether their role was worth their current political irrelevancy. And the wishes of the local indigenous population for a brighter future have again been shattered. 
High construction costs are blamed for the project’s shelving. All of that green carping couldn’t have helped, however.



Tim Blair – Saturday, April 13, 2013 (5:38am)

Stabilidy, cerdundy, unidy
Ousted minister Simon Crean has given a scathing assessment of Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s ability to lead the country, in a signal that Labor’s leadership crisis is far from over.
He described Ms Gillard as having a ‘’tin ear’’ for sound political strategy and engaging in ‘’class warfare’’ by playing off interest groups, echoing opposition criticisms of Ms Gillard’s position on removing payments to middle class recipients.
Defying the Prime Minister’s demand for unity in her government, Mr Crean said he would continue to campaign for Labor to return to the proud traditions established by former Labor leaders Bob Hawke and Paul Keating. 
Labor Party bosses have sanctioned the return of Kevin Rudd to help with the party’s re-election campaign in a deal which will see the former PM traverse the country on flying visits to marginal seats. 
That’s a huge amount of flying. No wonder Gillard called the election so early. 
Mr Rudd will kick off the start to his official campaign duties today in Tasmania, hosting a number of community events including an annual apple festival. 
From Prime Minister to lowly ALP apple polisher. Nice career trajectory, Kev.



Tim Blair – Saturday, April 13, 2013 (5:24am)

Suddenly the National Broadband Network seems to make a little more sense, at least from the government’s point of view: 
The federal government is urging its departments to mine the vast realms of personal data stored on Facebook, Twitter and Google to deliver “personalised” services and detect fraud.
In a move that could threaten the privacy of Australians, the government’s own information management office said departments – including Centrelink, the Australian Tax Office and Medicare – could be buying data from social networking sites to help track down welfare and tax cheats and improve their productivity.
In its Big Data Strategy issues paper, the government said its departments needed to embrace the opportunities that analysing both the private data available on social networks, and the ever-increasing wealth of data already being collected by governments, could deliver. 
NBN fans might now be reconsidering whether government is their friend.



Tim Blair – Saturday, April 13, 2013 (2:05am)

A colleague asks: “What kind of car is SInatra travelling in (in Melbourne ‘74)?”
First correct answer wins free broadband. And Evil Pundit wants answers, too: “What is that weird Dalek-robot thing at the left? And what are the shiny golden things in the background?”
CAR UPDATE. Behold the automotive declaration of independence, and also what may be thefirst good racing movie.
CAR UPDATE II. We have a winner. Reader Batguano of Denver correctly identified Sinatra’s vehicle as a De Tomaso Deauville. Italian body, US Ford V8 engine. The actual car, a 1973 model, was offered for sale in 2008.


Universities must pay for Gillard’s reckless spending

Andrew Bolt April 13 2013 (7:35pm)

The “education” Prime Minister is so short of cash that she has to rob universities to pay schools:
THE Gillard government plans to slash $2.3 billion from its spending on higher education in order to fund Labor’s Gonski school reforms, the biggest cut to the sector since John Howard’s 1996 budget…
This came shortly after Treasurer Wayne Swan announced a further $520 million savings measure that targets tax deductions for self-education expenses.
Dr Emerson said the government would place a 2 per cent “efficiency dividend” on university funding in 2014 and 1.25 per cent the next year, saving about $900 million. This comes just as universities begin pay negotiations expected to increase wages bills by 4 per cent. 
A further $1.2 billion will be saved by requiring students to pay back their $2000 start-up scholarships once they enter the workforce and once an earning threshold is reached. The 80 per cent-plus of university undergraduates who rely on government-funded deferred payment of fees will not be affected.

The government will also scrap the 10 per cent discount given to students who pay their university fees upfront, saving $230 million.
Universities Australia chief Belinda Robinson said today that the cuts came on top of a $1 billion reduction in research and other support, which was announced late last year.
And announced on a Saturday to mute the coverage.
The Government has blown the cash on things like overpriced school halls, and is left with too little for the actual teaching. 


Leftist blames woman for making him do something stupid

Andrew Bolt April 13 2013 (12:47pm)

A long-time writer on The Chaser and now the equally and impeccably Leftist The Monthly claims he used to be a conservative, really, but now isn’t because he doesn’t like Miranda Devine.
It’s deep philosophical reflection like that which makes the Left what it is today. 


Too scared to talk about what should scare us

Andrew Bolt April 13 2013 (12:40pm)

A conversation would be much easier if we weren’t threatened with vilification or discrimination laws for saying a few home truths:

THE nation must confront deep-rooted issues troubling Muslim Australians or risk inciting a “tectonic” event such as the 2005 London bombings, warns a British Muslim scholar embedded for three months in southwest Sydney’s Muslim community.
Aftab Malik, 37, said a “sense of uneasiness” existed in Muslim Australia that he recognised in British Muslims before the July 7, 2005, suicide bombings by Islamist terrorists that killed 52 people, prompting a dramatic reassessment of issues…
The visiting member of the UN Alliance of Civilisations, a group formed by then UN secretary-general Kofi Annan in 2005 to “counter the forces that fuel polarisation and extremism”, said Australia needed to have discussions “about culture, about meaning, about belonging”.
“Unfortunately, for British Muslims, it took a terrorist attack for us to have that discussion,” he said. “We should learn from our mistakes. You need to pre-empt this. Don’t wait till something tragic happens.” 


Polls marr Marr’s analysis

Andrew Bolt April 13 2013 (11:35am)

Gerard Henderson compares the revised edition of David Marr’s Political Animal, a hatchet job on Tony Abboott, with the original:

- David Marr has a new introductory sentence in PA2. PA1 commenced: “Australia doesn’t want Tony Abbott. We never have.” But PA2 commences: “Australia has never shown much enthusiasm for the man.” There is no explanation for the change. Maybe David Marr is studying the opinion polls more closely these days…
- The only real news in PA1 turned on the allegation that, after being defeated in the SRC election by leftist Barbara Ramjan in 1977, Tony Abbott confronted Ms Ramjan and punched a wall on either side of her head.... PA1 contained no evidence to support Ramjan’s uncorroborated allegation made some 35 years after the event.... In PA1, David Marr dated “The Punch” as having occurred September 1977… In PA2, however, Marr dates “The Punch” as having occurred on 28 July 1977....  Marr provides no explanation for the change in his account of the alleged punch between the publication of PA1 and PA2. 
- In PA1, David Marr failed to acknowledge that Barbara Ramjan and some of her colleagues had complained about Tony Abbott’s behaviour in letters published in Honi Soit on 13 September 1977 and 3 October 1977 without mentioning the alleged punch… It is a relevant fact that Barbara Ramjan had an opportunity to complain about the alleged punch in 1977 but did not do so. The essential fact is not specifically mentioned in either PA1 or PA2. The 1977 letters to Honi Soit are cited in PA2 but not in PA1.

Reader Happy Little Debunker:
Someone is telling porkies! 
Lateline 10/09/11
EMMA ALBERICI: Now, famously, since your essay was published, one thing that has resonated is this incident in 1977 with Barbara Ramjan, the woman who beat him to the presidency of the Sydney University Student Representative Council. Now she thought he was coming over to congratulate her; instead he punched the wall on either side of her face in what she said was clearly an act of intimidation....
DAVID MARR: Yes, and that’s reported in the essay....He was tremendously disappointed about that loss. He didn’t take that loss well and he remembered it for years afterwards. He was, it would seem, very angry and disappointed that night.
David Marr dates this “incident” to July 28th.
BUT, SRC elections at the Univeristy of Sydney occur every September.
The election of office holders was indeed held in September in the year in question.
Yet Marr now claims he has a witness (who is anonymous and didn’t actually see any punch land) who dates the wall-punch to July:

The biomedical professor, who asked not to be named, now insists he saw it happen July 28, 1977, only two days after the birth of the child Mr Abbott thought was his son conceived with a university girlfriend. Years later the child was revealed to be the son of another man.
So Marr has a motive that seemingly doesn’t match the alleged punch. His account has Abbott punching a wall in July because he’s upset he’s lost an election two months later.
Can anyone explain this discrepancy? Was there some election in July 1977 as well?
(Thanks to reader Peter.) 


A drunk is a drunk, not a representative of a race

Andrew Bolt April 13 2013 (9:10am)

Aren’t the critics making racist assumptions? Haven’t they contravened the Racial Discrimination Act by presuming some “races” are more likely to be drunk?
LOCKING up drunks for up to three months could breach the Constitution and the Racial Discrimination Act, as concern grows over mandatory rehabilitation plans the Northern Territory government admits are potentially “offensive” and likely to be legally challenged. 


Bolt Report tomorrow

Andrew Bolt April 13 2013 (9:07am)

Gillard vs Thatcher, as pygmies dance on the grave of a giant.
The Coalition’s NBN or Labor’s? Professor Michael Porter gets out his calculator.
Alexander Downer and Cassandra Wilkinson debate.
On Channel 10 on Sunday at 10am.
The start of the show may be delayed by the golf. 


Labor keeps spending faster than it can even tax

Andrew Bolt April 13 2013 (8:52am)

Opposition finance spokesman Andrew Robb catches the Gillard Government sneaking out more evidence that it’s simply spending too much, and has run out of our money:

The monthly statements dropped out at 4.20pm on Friday show that for the year to February Labor has actually raised $15.8 billion more in revenue compared to the same period last year – an increase of 7.2 per cent.
Despite this, the financial statements show, a deterioration in the underlying cash balance of $5.7 billion compared to the Mid Year Economic Fiscal Outlook released just five months ago.
The budget to February is currently in deficit to the tune of $23.6 billion compared to the $17.9 billion deficit estimate in MYEFO. This confirms Wayne Swan is on track to deliver his fifth consecutive budget deficit despite growing revenue, and terms of trade still about 15 per cent higher than what he inherited, after growing to 150-year highs.


Hird wins. And good

Andrew Bolt April 13 2013 (7:50am)

I’d guess nine fans in 10 were barracking for Essendon last night, wanting James Hird to triumph over the slavering pack that’s at his throat.
And no wonder.  No drug tests failed. No proof yet of illegal substances administered. Just lots of innuendo and reputation-trashing:
AFL chief executive Andrew Demetriou has issued a stern warning that any club official or coach who “puts the duty of care of their players at risk” with exposure to performance-enhancing drugs will be held accountable.
The league boss was speaking on the same day that Essendon coach James Hird said he couldn’t wait to clear his name over allegations he was injected with a substance banned for AFL players…
Demetriou described the accusations against Hird and Essendon as “very serious allegations”.
Funny, but the players don’t seem to share at all the feeling that Hird put them “at risk”, last night playing their guts out for their coach in their greatest come-back win:

Captain Jobe Watson paid tribute to his coach after the game after such an intense week of pressure.
“Hirdy is a friend to us, he is our coach, we feel for him and his family and he means a lot to us. We fought, and we couldn’t be prouder.”
His words were echoed by Brendon Goddard, who was exceptional in the second-half surge.
“That is one of the best wins I have been involved in. For everyone out there, we’re backing Hirdy.”
More evidence may yet come out, but Hird is just being hanged on hints, with too many journalists seemingly too committed to seeing him fall just to fulfill their own predictions.
The players’ love of Hird speaks volumes for me.
Among the fans who’ve written in, few yesterday needed as much cheering as reader Andy:
I named my first son (now 8) James. Got away with it in the preseason, and my wife didn’t realize it was after James Hird until the season started!
It was my 40th birthday yesterday so it was a good birthday present for my Bombers to get a win in Perth. Couldn’t watch it on the TV though as my 3 year old daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumour late yesterday afternoon and was having surgery during the game. Tumour was about the size if a golf ball. What a day.
Andy, all the very best to you, your wife and especially your daughter.
Reader Phil M:
ASADA has confirmed that James Hird cannot be sanctioned under either the ASADA Code or the AFL Code even if he did inject a substance banned for players. Sanctions could only apply if he supplied illegal substances to players. However, the AFL can apparently charge him with bringing the game into disrepute. Well, pardon me but if even if he did inject the substance alleged by Stephen Dank it was his private business, he didn’t broadcast the fact, he did nothing illegal and it is the media that has created this storm. So how can James Hird be said to have brought the game into disrepute?
Reader JayGee:

ASADA and the AFL are endeavouring to hang James Hird by the most reprehensible of means - chinese whispering.  Innuendo. Unsubstantiated allegations. Shameful. Absolutely shameful.
Reader Anthony:
Colustrum is being referred to a drug. It’s a good naturally sourced dairy derived product.
And as for the pigs brain stuff, my Dad recalls ordering a lunch of sheep’s brains at the Herald Sun cafeteria back in the 1970’s in the Flinders Street building. It wasn’t a big deal.
Reader Scientist:

The misreporting in this matter is staggering..."Took Hexarelin believing it to be a peptide”. It IS a peptide!
“Drugs intravenously injected in to the stomach”. Intravenously means “into the vein”, so is it intravenous or injection? If it’s injection then it’s subcutaneous and the stomach area is the best place for it, just ask the millions of diabetics who inject their daily or the millions of Rheumatoid Arthritis sufferers who also inject there. The list is endless.
I am not arguing that Hird is innocent. I am arguing that all we have so far is endless innuendo and no proof. Until the day proof comes, Hird is not just entited to the presumption of innocence, he’s actually getting it. From me, at least. This justiice of the pointed figure must be resisted. 


Yet another boat sinks, lured by Labor

Andrew Bolt April 13 2013 (7:08am)

Boat people policy
More than 1000 boat people have now been lured to their deaths since Labor recklessly scrapped our tough border laws in 2008 to seem more “compassionate”:
AT least five people have drowned, another 53 are missing and 14 have been rescued after spending 24 hours in the open sea following the sinking off Indonesia of their asylum boat bound for Australia.
Meanwhile, an armada of boats keep coming:

A spokesman for the Department of Immigration said last night a boat was intercepted off Christmas Island yesterday.
Greens Senator Sarah Very-Young demonstrates a besetting failure of the Left, to follow the romantic rather than the true, the seeming rather than the achieving - thus blinding themselves to the lethal consequences of their dreams:
SABRA LANE: But where is the evidence and the proof that the Government’s breaching international obligations?
SARAH HANSON-YOUNG: Because we don’t know whether we’ve sent people back to Sri Lanka who indeed were fleeing persecution or further torture.
SABRA LANE: But there is no evidence?
SARAH HANSON-YOUNG: Well, we’ve sent 700 people back and we haven’t assessed their claims.
Sri Lankans fleeing persecution?  Dinoo Kelleghan is a Sri Lankan who before her return to her country was a member of our Refugee Review Tribunal for seven years:
This year, economists noted a change in the spending patterns [in Sri Lanka] - lower-income people are spending more freely than the better-paid shoppers in the capital, Colombo.
The reason? The gushing torrents of remittances home from Sri Lankans who have gone abroad for employment, often making empty claims of persecution to leapfrog others who stand patiently in long queues outside Western embassies in Colombo to get a work visa....
Every doctor, every lawyer, trishaw driver I have met over the past two months after returning home following 33 years in Australia has a family member in Melbourne or Sydney…
Yes, you can find work in Australia easily. Yes, you get money there even if you don’t work. People get free houses there, money for getting a baby, sustained help in finding work. Just a little bit of hardship at the start but everyone knows you’ll get there in the end, and if you go in by boat as an asylum-seeker the Australian government just has to take notice of you, and they start looking after you straight away…
The civil war has been over almost four years. There is no foundation on which Sri Lankans - Tamil, Sinhalese, Muslim or Burgher - can claim to have a well-founded fear of persecution…
As for claims that Tamils face persecution simply for having been actual or suspected Tiger foot-soldiers, the outgoing head of the International Organisation for Migration, Richard Danziger, was reported saying on April 10 that the IOM had encountered about a dozen complaints of current harassment from the 8000 former Tigers fighters it had been assisting.
When Perth residents oppose an invasion of Sri Lankans seeking not safety but money and a back door, Jon Stratton joins in the brawl by bashing other immigrants - the English and South African.
These blow-ins include racists looking for a kind of Australian apartheid, according to this professor from Curtin University’s School of Media, Culture and Creative Arts:

One of the things about Perth it that it is still the whitest of the major Australian cities. What it does is encourage certain white migrants, if you like, who hope that they can come to a place that is still preserved for white people.
We know there’s a few people from Britain who come here with this reason, people from South Africa who come here for this reason, so there is this unfortunate leavening in the population of people with racist perspectives coming from other places and reinforcing the already existing racism within Perth.
Click to listen to Stratton’s racist attack:

Who would have thought just 220 South Africans and fewer than 1500 Britons would make an Australian capital so racist:

Strangely, the “whitest” of our main cities not only has a large Aboriginal minority, but an above-average proportion of people from non-English-speaking backgrounds:
For Greater Perth, more horrible Englishmen and South Africans:
But still an almost identical proportion of non-English speaking households to the rest of the country:
And, strangely enough, Perth tends to be 5.2 points less racist than the rest of the country, according to a University of Western Sydney survey:

(Thanks to reader Alan.)   


Crean blasts Gillard for “tin ear” and “class warfare”

Andrew Bolt April 13 2013 (6:52am)

Sacked minister Simon Crean isn’t finished with Julia Gillard, and is conducting Labor’s election post-mortem before the election itself:

Three weeks after his failed bid to force the leadership issue, Mr Crean described Ms Gillard as having a ‘’tin ear’’ for sound political strategy and engaging in ‘’class warfare’’ by playing off interest groups, echoing federal opposition criticisms of her position on removing payments to the middle class…
He said Mr Rudd was ‘’just arrogant, but she’s got a tin ear. She sits there - ‘Mmm’ - and listens but it doesn’t translate.
“Because somewhere along the way she gets the word that here’s the angle on how you get tomorrow’s headline.”
Crean is as appalled as I am by Gillard’s politics of division:

“She’s gone the class warfare. The 457 visa debate was a good example of the message being taken out of context - because it looked like we’ll put Australians before foreigners…
How have we built the country? By cohesion. We are seen outside as the great success story of multiculturalism. Why don’t we play to it?...”
Mr Crean also said that some tension over gender was “part of this argument about division - because it’s easier to relate with one side against the other rather than get out there and try and cohere around a message that seeks to persuade in the national interest”.
(Thanks to readers RG and Peter of Bellevue Heights.) 


Is there a pattern here?

Andrew Bolt April 13 2013 (6:27am)

The Age won’t admit an indisputable error in its preferred narrative when pointed out by a conservative. Nor, it turns out, will Crikey.
Mind you, call in lawyers and even a Cory Bernadi can persuade Fairfax to finally apologise for a smear of conservatives:
Articles published by Fairfax Media on January 27 and 28 contained allegations that Senator Cory Bernardi had failed to properly declare pecuniary and other interests in his statement of registrable interests.
They alleged that Senator Bernardi had breached his disclosure obligations by not declaring his role as international delegate of the American Legislative Exchange Council or payments received from the Heartland Institute for travel and accommodation.
Fairfax Media accepts that its reporting of those matters was factually inaccurate in a number of respects and that the allegations regarding Senator Bernardi were unfounded.
We retract those allegations and apologise to Senator Bernardi for the distress and damage caused by the articles.
The Fairfax errors, which helped to portray Bernardi as some shill for Big Tobacco whackos, were astonishing.  Here’s just one of them:

Ms. Wright claims The Heartland Institute ‘recently ran a two-day conference in the US entitled “Can Tobacco Make You Healthier?” ‘ This is bizarre, inaccurate, and plainly intended to defame The Heartland Institute. The event she apparently is referring to was a 75-minute workshop titled ‘Can Tobacco Cure Smoking?’ which Heartland helped organize at ALEC’s annual meeting in Salt Lake City last year.
“The speaker, Prof. Brad Rodu, is one of the country’s (indeed, the world’s) leading authorities on the use of smokeless tobacco products to encourage smokers to smoke less or stop altogether. Given that message, it would be more accurate to say that Heartland sponsored a seminar on ‘how to stop smoking.’
(Thanks to readers Peter and Kick.) 


Warmer, colder, whatever - it’s global warming

Andrew Bolt April 13 2013 (6:19am)

Global warming - dud predictions, Global warming - propaganda
Global warming now causes colder weather:

Met Office chief scientist Julia Slingo said climate change was “loading the dice” towards freezing, drier weather — and called publicly for the first time for an urgent investigation.
An urgent investigation into dud predictions?
In 2006, Met Office meteorologist Wayne Elliott told the BBC
“It is consistent with the climate change message. It is exactly what we expect winters to be like – warmer and wetter”


Greens celebrate as Aborigines die in a jobless “tropical lifestyle”

Andrew Bolt April 13 2013 (5:34am)

Graham Lloyd claims many locals - not least Aborigines - will be happy that the $40 billion investment by Woodside into a gas hub on the remote Kimberley coast has collapsed:

In the end, even a $1.5 billion compensation package was not enough to keep competing native title claimant groups locked into a marriage of convenience brokered by the Kimberley Land Council.
Some people in Broome will lament the potential loss of gas-fed mining bounty. But many will celebrate the preservation of a cherished laidback tropical lifestyle.
For Aborigines, this “laidback tropical lifestyle” was described two years ago in Lloyd’s own paper:

The recent suicide statistics for the region are terrifying; they gravely understate the social disaster’s true scale. Violence, alcohol, drug-taking and self-harm all form part of a pattern of behaviour among the young indigenous population in the wide belt of country that runs from Broome along the highway to Wyndham in the north. When aspects of this picture are reported it can seem that a whole society is going under…
The Kimberley is an expanse, its dispersed people bound by family ties. A little more than 40,000 people live there, half that total indigenous, their median age 21: many of that number are without work and unable to read or write to any degree of competence.
From last year:

In NSW, which has the largest indigenous population, the youth suicide rate is one in 100,000. In the Northern Territory, where a parliamentary inquiry was set up to investigate the causes of and responses to youth suicide, the rate is 30 deaths in 100,000. In the Kimberley, with an Aboriginal population of about 16,000, the estimated rate is an astonishing and unprecedented one death in 1200.
Many Aborigines knew the Woodside project could break a lethal cycle of welfarism. From 2011:

Goolarabooloo Jabirr Jabirr Traditional Owners have given consent for the taking of land for a gas precinct at James Price Point in a historic multi-billion dollar deal....
Traditional Owner Negotiating Committee Co-Chair Frank Parriman said… the decision was life-changing and would provide jobs and training to Kimberley Aboriginal people, as well as business development opportunities and greater access to health, education and housing…
Highlights of the Agreements include:…
• SIGNIFICANT training and employment opportunities including an initial commitment of 300 jobs for Aboriginal people during construction…
• REGIONAL Benefits for Kimberley Aboriginal people…
• LAND to be returned to Traditional Owners at the end of the project.
But look who is celebrating now that all these jobs and all this development is dead, and the welfarism continues:

[Greens leader] Senator Milne described Woodside’s decision as a “great first-year birthday present”, referring to her one-year anniversary as the Greens’ federal leader.


Crowe’s call

Andrew Bolt April 13 2013 (12:26am)

Laurie Oakes cites an expert who is against the Coalition’s NBN:
Because the Turnbull NBN would be cheaper, but with download speeds a lot slower than those Labor is rolling out, there was much derision on social network sites and not just from tech-heads.
Russell Crowe, for example, tweeted: “Coalition NBN plan, half the cost to be as efficient? Obviously somebody needs to explain to them the point of the NBN.”



4 her




Mother of Dem convention star Castro called Alamo defenders ‘drunks,’ ‘crooks’

The 37-year-old Hispanic mayor told New York Times Magazine that upon being elected mayor in 2009 he promptly hung in his private office a 1971 La Raza Unida City Council campaign poster that featured his mother.


He can’t tell you how just yet, but the Opposition’s lengthy and earnest talks with Indonesian officials (the results of which have never been disclosed) will almost certainly have settled on an agreed solution of sorts.

Julia Gillard is incapable of stopping the boats supposedly because of Green intransigence. With or without Green intransigence Gillard’s “solutions” have only played into the hands of the smugglers, increasing boat numbers.

Mending our broken borders is way beyond the ability of the post purge rubbish strewn across Gillard’s front bench and her revolting back bench has no answers either.

Anyway, you’d be forgiven for thinking she doesn’t really want it fixed.

Julia Gillard is a Maggie Thatcher of a different colour.

With feminine single mindedness that rejects compromise and alternative views, both will meet their maker before they surrender.

Only Tony Abbott has the ability to stop the boats and he cannot make it happen while in Opposition. The current surge in boat numbers reflects the six-month window prior to his installation as PM.

Smugglers can read newspapers and the rush is now on, resulting in a further 100,000, possibly 200,000, unknowns settling in our suburbs.

When a broken hydrant is spewing water, you don’t start mopping up the mess before you turn the hydrant off. But that’s exactly what Gillard is doing.

Abbott can shut the valve before he deals with the deluge and the valve is at Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur Airports.

The first thing to understand about Asia, from Iraq and Iran to Afghanistan and Myanmar, is that these countries are steeped in corruption.

We bombed out in Iraq, Afghanistan and Vietnam and we backed the wrong horses in Africa’s Egypt and Libya simply because we failed to understand how these countries work.

Despotic tyrants run the show and corruption is the modus operandi. Democracy is as alien to them as their oppressive regimes are to us.

The poorer the country the greater the corruption, poverty feeds on corruption and corruption feeds on poverty and our negotiating skills are deficient because we refuse to accept their systems of rule as legitimate.

Forget the Tamils. They will be sent packing, but if Australia is to survive in the corrupt world of Asian opportunism, Abbott will need to think their thoughts and deal in some dirty dollars.

We hamstring ourselves because we wish to adhere to UN best practices but despotic Asian and African member nations accept our billions in bribes in return for voting us a useless and brief Security Council tenure.

We are seen as a soft touch and we don’t gain their respect, we educe their disdain.

Abbott can turn the torrent of illegal immigrants off at the tap. So why talk about turning back boats when they can be prevented from setting sail?

Australia gives Indonesia around $2 billion in aid each year, plus some yummy Gillard extras, which magically disappears into thin air.

There are 120 million Indonesians right now who have no access to safe drinking water, so where does all this money go to?

Two billion dollars makes two thousand millionaires and the rate of increase in Jakarta’s millionaires is up 116% over the past 5 years.

They lead the World in this statistic and apparently with our help.

This has further disadvantaged the poor because ensuing demand has forced housing prices and rents up 60% in the same period.

Let’s face it, Indonesia is a gargantuan hotbed of endemic Islamic corruption and there is only one way to deal with it.

Since Labor dismantled our borders, 33,000 illegal immigrants have made it to our shores (28,000 since the last election) costing Aussie taxpayers a cool $7 billion (or 7,000 millionaires).

The $2 billion per year in aid we donate to Indonesia equates almost exactly to what their illegal immigrants currently cost us.

Ah ha, now I can smell a deal to be done and Abbott has sniffed one too.

Ok, so our illegal Afghan, Iraqi and Myanmar immigrants have first flown to either Soekarno or KL Airports (or via other means) with passports and other forms of ID.

Indonesian Customs officials are paid off to allow them entry, otherwise a quick check would show who they are and what they intend, and they would be on the next plane back to where they came from.

So the millions paid for places on boats to Oz is distributed minimally to customs officials then up through the Military to the Indonesian Administration.

The Indonesian Military is often seen escorting “immigrants in transit” to the appropriate boats at the behest of the smugglers, that’s the way it works!

It is a multi-million dollar Indonesian industry, so why wouldn’t the honourable President Bambang (or whatever his name is) demand Australia desist from turning back boats?

Gillard’s nonsense talk of regional solutions, expert panels and Malaysian swapsies shows she has no idea how Labor’s disaster of its own making actually works.

Malaysia and Indonesia are not signatories to UNHCR protocols... we are! And there lies the current insoluble disaster, and it will only worsen until we bite the bullet and sit down with these corrupt Islamic apes and talk some dirty dollar business.

Look at it this way; if someone has been paid to kill you it’s best to double his fee to kill the bloke who wants you killed.

Abbott needs a discreet envoy to arrange to pay these crims more than they are being paid now and the tap gets turned off, overnight!

And these payments need only be a tiny fraction of the cost to us of their illegal immigrants.

Obviously this arrangement would be an appendix to our normal foreign aid agreement with this “carrot-and-stick” rider: ‘Every illegal immigrant who arrives from now on, we will process, but will attract a deduction of $100,000.’

Now we can start processing some of the destitute, legitimate 250,000 waiting in line, without money or hope, who really do need to get here.

That $14 billion saved in the next three years would get our NDIS and Gonski schemes off the ground, we would know who our immigrants are and our breached borders could be reinstated.

Diplomacy is a waste of valuable time and won’t achieve anything, but diplomatic channels can be used to get to the people who need to be monetarily convinced.

Now, if you really want to stop the boats Tony, give me a letter of authority and I’ll have the deal signed and sealed within a week!

No more boats.




Some times, out of good faith, his followers make God sound really harsh.

Your Future Has No Room For Your Past!




So proud of Jordan and Stars In Stereo -- new album out this week is going crazy! #SinSalbum



A male patient is lying in bed in the hospital, wearing an oxygen
mask over his mouth and nose. A young student nurse appears and
gives him a partial sponge bath.

"Nurse,"' he mumbles from behind the mask, "are my testicles black?"

Embarrassed, the young nurse replies, "I don't know, Sir. I'm only
here to wash your upper body and feet."

He struggles to ask again, "Nurse, please check for me. Are my
testicles black?"

Concerned that he might elevate his blood pressure and heart rate
from worrying about his testicles, she overcomes her embarrassment
and pulls back the covers.
She raises his gown, holds his manhood in one hand and his testicles
gently in the other.

She looks very closely and says, "There's nothing wrong with them,
Sir. They look fine."

The man slowly pulls off his oxygen mask, smiles at her, and says
very slowly, "Thank you very much. That was wonderful. Now listen
very, very closely:

Are - my - test - results - back?"


Film Writers Tell Life as Communists from Los Angeles Times, December 6, 1951

Edward Dmytryk, producer and director, told the story of how the “Hollywood Ten” became the “Hollywood Nine” when he realized the true motives of Communism.






‘Infant beheadings, severed baby feet,’ but media still ignoring Gosnell trial.

It’s gruesome. It’s dramatic. It’s arguably the abortion-related story of the decade.

It's the murder trial of "House of Horrors" abortionist Kermit Gosnell. And the mainstream media is almost completely ignoring it. 

Last night on "Special Report," Bret Baier of Fox News listed the number of times each of the five major networks covered the capital murder trial Kermit Gosnell, the abortion doctor accused of murdering seven born alive babies and a patient.

Here are the staggering results:

NBC: 0


ABC: 0

CBS: 0

CNN: 1


Documentary: The American West of John Ford

John Ford Documentary. Narrated by John Ford – John Wayne – James Stewart – Henry Fonda – Andy Devine. Directed by Denis Sanders.

Ok… one more storm image from three years ago and then I have to pack up for this weekend's Aperture Academy workshops. Three days of teaching the skillz! Yeah!

John Wayne’s Congressional Gold Medal

“It is my great honor to be here. I beg you to strike a medal for Duke, to order the President to strike it. And I feel that the medal should say just one thing, “John Wayne, American” ~ Maureen O’Hara, speaking before Congress.

The Roof is on Fire…

Taken at sunset in the Oklahoma Panhandle

I know I said I was through posting pictures for this weekend, but I just found a lost folder full of forgotten images from Campo, 2010. Funny, but I really didn't know that this one year would provide me with three years of storm pictures. — in Boise City, OK.
"There is hope in the promise of the cross"
I do not think the devil cares how many churches you build, if only you have lukewarm preachers and people in them. Charles Spurgeon




Engineering students watch female dancers for the first time!
Engineering students see hot girls dance for the first time!

Check out Engineer Memes for more stuff!

This happened in Korea, and the group dancing is a Korean girl group named Waveya

You are under God’s protection and favor because Christ has covered you with His atoning blood! Find out more in today's devotional and be blessed!
God is a gracious God who does not condemn you for your shortcomings. He wants to be your supply in your area of lack!
...Ask, and you will receive, that your joy may be full.—Jn 16:24

Your heavenly Father loves to answer your prayers. And the reason He enjoys doing so is because He delights in seeing you blessed and filled with joy! This is your heavenly Father’s heart for you! 

So today, ask from your heavenly Father. Ask boldly for big and small things, and receive His provision in your very area of need, knowing that it pleases Him to bless you and bring you joy!
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Screen Shot 2013-04-08 at 8.33.07 AM
Photo credit: John W. Pope Civitas Institute
Hi everyone! Here's the newsletter for April 12th. Enjoy!

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Object lesson: 'Temporary' amnesty never dies

Does America lack “compassion” and “humanity” for uninvited foreigners?

Man who stole Obama’s teleprompter brought to justice

In October of 2011, a truck containing President Obama’s speech accoutrements — a presidential seal, podium, audio equipment, and, most importantly, his teleprompter — was stolen from a Virginia parking lot...

Website of noted cable news network normally concerned about well-being of children ignores story about trial of child murderer

A Tweet by @sleannbagley led me to submit my own search and make a new screen shot just so the words were a little more readable...

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