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Happy birthday and many happy returns Lucee Thi Tuyen Nguyen. Born when it was Teacher's day in Iran and Flag day in Poland .. and when Robert Barker printed in 1611 the first authorized King James version of the Bible. Your day is inspirational.


Tim Blair – Thursday, May 02, 2013 (5:16am)

Albert Santos reports from Sydney’s recent Stone Festival
There was something a bit odd about a bunch of Gen-Xers and Baby Boomers singing along to bands who “fought the man” when they were teenagers, however the message still hit the mark.When Noiseworks’ Jon Stevens dedicated ‘No Lies’ to Julia Gillard huge cheers erupted 
Ouch. Previously, our unpopular Prime Minister had music on her mind following the sad death of Divinyls singer Chrissy Amphlett
“I think many Australians, who like me grew up with the music will be feeling this loss today.” 
“Grew up”? Gillard was already 20 when the first Divinyls album was released. So she was growing up in her 20s, young and naïve in her 30s, achieved reality in her 40s and is still learning how to talk in her early 50s. By 70, Gillard may have lost her final baby teeth. In othermusico-political developments
On this summer’s touring circuit, there’s a new populist performer – and it’s not the “champion of the working class,” Bruce Springsteen, who asks fans to pay between $120 and $200 to hear songs about helping the poor.
It’s Kid Rock, a Romney-supporting, registered Republican.
No ticket for his co-headlining tour with blues/rock legends ZZ Top will cost more than $20. 
A Democrat-supporting cut-rate Springsteen is following Mr Rock’s example.
(Via Waxing Gibberish, Phil of Sydney and Brat)



Tim Blair – Thursday, May 02, 2013 (5:13am)

The Daily Telegraph‘s Caroline Marcus recently attended a friend’s epic Indian wedding in Singapore:




Tim Blair – Thursday, May 02, 2013 (5:05am)

Brian Ward examines the Daily Life‘s weekly schedule. Meanwhile, Cosmarxpolitan sets the feminist left agenda.
(Via PWAF)



Tim Blair – Thursday, May 02, 2013 (4:26am)

Latest Boston bombing news: 
The Boston Police Department announced via Twitter this morning that three new suspects have been placed under arrest in the Boston Marathon bombing case. Details are still trickling out at this time, but CBS News confirms the new break in the case.
Jason Tuohey, an editor at the Boston Globe, reported that the three suspects are college students connected to Dzhokhar Tsarnaev through his school, UMass-Dartmouth, and CNN reports that they are in the custody of the FBI. 
Students, you say? Mike Carlton will be devastated. Coincidentally, I was on air yesterday with 2GB’s Alan Jones, who had been quickly alert to the possibility of a student connection.



Tim Blair – Wednesday, May 01, 2013 (6:04pm)

Someone’s been talking:


Come on, people. Keep it quiet for just 135 more days. Remember, we’re a team.

ABC rejects my Media Watch application. Job goes to the Left again

Andrew Bolt May 02 2013 (1:40pm)

Damn. I’m shocked. Completely shocked and surprised:
Former Media Watch host Paul Barry will return to the chair in July, replacing outgoing presenter Jonathan Holmes…
The news comes after conservative News Ltd columnist Andrew Bolt wrote an open letter to ABC managing director Mark Scott, offering himself as host.

“You must be mortified that in the 24 years of Media Watch devoted to detecting such media sins as bias and group-think, not once has it had a host not of the Left,” he wrote.
Eight times in 24 years the ABC has appointed a host of Media Watch. Eight times it chose someone of the Left.
The ABC’s commitment to “diversity of opinion” is a joke. Your taxes, the Left’s plaything.
Meanwhile, when every big commercial media outlet is struggling to make a buck, here comes Labor today offering its favorite outlet more sweeteners in an election year:

THE federal government will provide the ABC with a $90 million loan to build a new Melbourne headquarters, Communications Minister Senator Stephen Conroy says.
And earlier this year Labor gave the ABC another election-year sweetener:
Last month, despite plummeting government revenue, the Gillard government could still find an extra $10 million to give to the ABC. The sum did not emerge through the normal channels of government budget process. ABC managing director Mark Scott told a Senate Estimates Committee hearing on February 11 that it had been especially negotiated with the government in late 2012.
What did Julia Gillard say only last Monday?
But, because we now are confronted with new facts and far more significant reductions in tax money than was expected, we are going through the process now of making decisions to spend less in some areas than we had hoped, to raise more in revenue in some areas than we had planned…
We will save responsibly, even when that means spending less on things which are important and valuable.
Keeping a Left-wing media outlet in funds is clearly “important and valuable” for Labor.
And, good doggy, the ABC makes sure not a single conservative gets to host a single one of its mainstream current affairs show. 


Poor, poor academics

Andrew Bolt May 02 2013 (9:45am)

Poor academics:

Advertisement in 18 newspapers, including The Australian, yesterday: 
Dear Prime Minister, As professors and associate professors in Australian universities, we are deeply concerned by the recently announced $2.3 billion cut in federal budget allocations to the university sector ... Our universities are central to Australia’s economic and social future. We are training the future generations of Australia’s knowledge economy and providing the basic and applied research which underpins innovation and improvement in many spheres.
Email to the staff of Griffith University yesterday:

Dear all Griffith staff interested in golf research, The School of Rehabilitation Sciences invites you to join us at the 2014 World Scientific Congress of Golf, which will be held on the Gold Coast from 5-7th of September, 2014. This is the first time the WSCG has been held outside of St Andrews or Phoenix since its inception in 1990. We see the Golf Science conference as an exciting opportunity for golf researchers from the Asia-Pacific region to come together, present research, discuss ideas and collaborations and, of course, play some golf on our beautiful courses ... We would love to see a strong Griffith University presence at the conference!
More poor academics:

The Monash University Prato Centre was officially opened on 17 September 2001 at Palazzo Vai in the heart of Prato’s centro storico (historical centre)…
Prato is close to several of Europe’s most significant cities and esteemed institutions – thirty minutes from Florence and the European University Institute in Fiesole, one hour from Bologna – home to Europe’s oldest university, two hours from Rome, and three hours from Milan.

In advancing the links Monash has in Europe, the Prato Centre works in cooperation with the Monash European and EU Centre, which was established in 2006 at Monash in Australia with the support of the European Commission.
More poor academics, down to their last Australian Research Council grants:




The “bail out Gillard” levy

Andrew Bolt May 02 2013 (9:30am)

The levy - imposed next year for a scheme that won’t be fully up for five years - is really to bail out free-spending Gillard:

JULIA Gillard’s $3.3 billion-a-year increase in the Medicare levy to fund the national disability insurance scheme will improve the budget bottom line in the short term, raising the prospect Wayne Swan will be able to forecast a return to surplus within four years
While the funds from the 0.5-percentage-point Medicare levy increase will be fully distributed to DisabilityCare, in the short term it will provide a boost to the budget bottom line as the scheme is scaled up towards full operation by 2018.
Professor Sinclair Davidson exposes the claims that this isn’t welfare but an “investment”:

[Fairfax writer] Peter Martin has a piece spruiking the economic benefits of the NDIS in the Fairfax press. 
One of the economic benefits was what it did for the lives of the people it helped, another its success in bringing into the workforce Australians who were previously unemployable for life.
It expected an employment gain of 220,000. This isn’t the same as the employment gain often claimed by promoters of major projects, which amounts to no more than moving existing workers from one region to another.
“It” is the Productivity Commission.
As I’m always suspicious of any argument that increased taxation is going to be a net benefit to the economy I went to have a look at the PC report into the NDIS. It is true – the PC did expect an increase in 220,000 jobs from the NDIS. But that’s by 2050!
220,000 jobs will be created by the NDIS, if the PC have got their sums right, in 37 years time. The PC also estimate that GDP will have increased by $31.6 billion by 2050.
All that for $6.5 billion. If that $6.5 billion was invested at a mere 4.37 per cent over the next 37 years it would return $31.6 billion. But the government will spend more and more on the NDIS every year – that 6.5 billion is not a once off. 37 times 6.5 billion plus growth in expenditure plus time-value of money effects is going to be more than 31.6 billion. But, to be fair, the PC make the argument that the $6.5 billion isn’t a cost, it is just a transfer. The cost is the deadweight loss of raising the $6.5 billion. Okay – the PC reckon that is $1.56 billion. But 37 times 1.56 billion plus growth in expenditure deadweight loss plus time-value of money effects is still going to be more than 31.6 billion. You get the idea – simply telling us that there will be an increase in GDP by mid-century is not enough information to evaluate a project.
Now there may be good arguments for the NDIS – but those arguments are not economic arguments.


As close to a sure bet as you can get

Andrew Bolt May 02 2013 (9:21am)

Sportsbet offers a quick way earn 9 cents or lose a dollar:



After a decade, I feel a little less obliged

Andrew Bolt May 02 2013 (9:06am)

The Greens say we have an obligation to help two Australians:
Greens Senator for Western Australia Scott Ludlam has urged Foreign Minister Bob Carr to take all measures necessary to ensure two Western Australians in Saudi Arabia - one in prison and one in hiding - receive full diplomatic support…
“I understand that Shayden Thorne is in prison facing a terrorism charge while his younger brother Junaid is in hiding, having previously been detained for taking part in a protest against the Saudi government’s treatment of political prisoners…
“It is essential that Foreign Minister Carr does all he can to ensure the fair treatment of these two Australians.”
One small detail missing from Ludlam’s appeal:
The Thorne brothers have lived in Saudi Arabia for over a decade...


My job application for Media Watch

Andrew Bolt May 02 2013 (8:17am)

TO Mark Scott, ABC managing director:
Mark, I see Sportsbet has me at $10 to take over as host of your Media Watch TV program. Let me end the uncertainty that’s blown out my odds.
Don’t assume I’m not available. Hear that ripping sound? That was my contract for my Network 10 show.
Mark, I want you to know I stand ready to serve when your current host, Jonathan Holmes, stands down by the end of the month, as I read.
I know how welcome this news will be.
You must be mortified that in the 24 years of Media Watch devoted to detecting such media sins as bias and group-think, not once has it had a host not of the Left.
How worried you must be that its eighth host will be from the same cookie-cutter that’s given us Stuart Littlemore, Richard Ackland, Paul Barry, David Marr, Liz Jackson, Monica Attard and Holmes.
For some of those hosts, this monoculture may seem proper. As Marr once declared: “The natural culture of journalism is a kind of vaguely soft left inquiry.”
His unfortunate view is apparently shared by many ABC gatekeepers.
Why else is every mainstream ABC current affairs show hosted by the Left, from Q&A’s warmist Tony Jones to Radio National Breakfast’s Fran Kelly?
But you and I know better, don’t we, Mark? And not just because we know conservatives tend to be more rational - quicker to see through fads such as the global warming scare that had even your science presenter, Robyn Williams, babbling how a 100m sea rise this century was “possible, yes”.
We know this one-sidedness is also a breach of the ABC’s contract with the taxpayers, who give it more than $1 billion a year.
As your own Equity and Diversity Annual Report says:  


A levy to bail out the disabled Gillard

Andrew Bolt May 02 2013 (8:14am)

Politics - deceits and stuff ups
WHAT a liar. What an incompetent. What a spendthrift, now demanding we all dig deeper to bail her out.
“There will be no carbon tax under a government I lead,” promised Prime Minister Julia Gillard before the election.
But there was. An utterly pointless tax that’s costing jobs without cutting the temperature.
“We’ll bring the Budget to surplus in 2012-13, exactly as promised,” Gillard said in 2011.
But she won’t. We’re getting our sixth straight mega-deficit next month, even though government revenue this year has gone up more than 7 per cent.
“I have in the past ruled out a levy and I will do it again now,” said Gillard in December when asked how on Earth - after racking up $172 billion in deficits already - Labor would now pay for her disability scheme. 


Australia’s defence now totally disabled

Andrew Bolt May 02 2013 (8:04am)

Funding for the disabled will come in part from disabling Australia:

THE Gillard government is set to trim another large chunk from the defence budget as it seeks to cut spending in areas that carry a low risk of political damage.
The Daily Telegraph understands more than $1 billion could be sliced from defence over the forward estimates in the federal Budget on May 14...The government gave the military a $5.5 billion haircut in last year’s budget.
Greg Sheridan says we are now utterly reliant on the US to defend us:
One of the claims the Gillard government will have on the attention of history is what it has done to destroy Australia’s independent strategic capabilities and render us a comprehensive strategic client of the US, with minimal independent strategic weight…

I have never seen the Americans more unhappy about our defence budget. Strategically, we are now 100 per cent reliant on the US…

Increasingly, all our forces will be hollow, existing on paper but without being able to actually do any military work. It is a national disgrace and will take many years to repair.
(Thanks to reader Peter of Bellevue Hill.) 


How the Budget will hide more missing billions

Andrew Bolt May 02 2013 (7:57am)

The Gillard Government is relying on an improbably high prediction of future carbon prices to paper over a chasm in its Budget:

The federal government is scrambling to find more than $3 billion of additional savings in the two weeks before the budget after Treasury halved the projected price of carbon when Australia links to the European scheme.
The government plans revise down the projected price of carbon in 2015-16 from $29 a tonne to around $15...
The projected price is at the upper end of market forecasts for the European price of carbon, which collapsed two weeks ago after the European Parliament voted down a plan to bolster the price. European carbon is trading at around $4.20 a tonne.
In Australia, the lower price will wipe around half of the $6.7 billion of revenue previously forecast from the sale of carbon permits in 2015-16. A second round of tax cuts and welfare payments for low-income earners – worth around $3 billion – that year were to be paid for by the higher price...
(Thanks to reader Peter.) 


Hymn to Gillard

Andrew Bolt May 02 2013 (7:47am)

Even the Stone generation has noticed:

There was something a bit odd about a bunch of Gen-Xers and Baby Boomers singing along to bands who “fought the man” when they were teenagers, however the message still hit the mark. When Noiseworks’ Jon Stevens dedicated ‘No Lies’ to Julia Gillard huge cheers erupted


A crippled PM uses disability as a weapon

Andrew Bolt May 02 2013 (7:18am)

Niki Savva on another fine mess Julia Gillard has got herself into:
JULIA Gillard today finds herself where she was always destined to be, with an alarm bell in one hand, a dog whistle in the other, one big toe planted firmly on a panic button, and the other searching for a wedge…
The upshot of living in the moment rather than by a core set of principles, is that unbelievable messages (we will produce a surplus come hell or high water) are replaced by ill-advised messages (there will definitely be no levy to fund the NDIS, now called DisabilityCare) or mixed messages (we have to cut education to fund education) or scarifying messages (we need money, we need it now, and we will do whatever we have to do to get it) which are continuously refined, clarified or abandoned…
Gillard’s unveiling of a $12 billion “shortfall” (when there has actually been a 7.6 per cent increase in revenues), and what she proposed to do about it had nothing to do with repairing the budget or making structural savings and everything to do with finding money for her legacy policies: Gonski and NDIS.
Worthy as these policies might be, and only if particularly close attention is paid to the distribution of the billions and eligibility for them, there was a much better way to go about it.
Rather than clinging to the fiction of a surplus, those two mammoth policies should have been sorted well before now.
Is this about helping the disabled or fighting Tony Abbott? Treasurer Wayne Swan last night provided the shameful answer:
LEIGH SALES: If the Greens and majority of independents say that they’ll support the NDIS levy, will the Government bring on the legislation immediately?
WAYNE SWAN: Well I’d certainly be delighted if we had full support from across the Parliament for the levy. But this morning we had, particularly from Mr Hockey, some pretty shameful statements about the levy and the indication then was the Liberal Party would oppose it.
LEIGH SALES: But it doesn’t matter what the Liberal Party does because you do have a pathway to get that legislation through without the Liberal Party.
WAYNE SWAN: We don’t necessarily have a certain pathway through.... [We] have to have bipartisan support, and we don’t have that indication.
LEIGH SALES: No, you don’t have to have bipartisan support. If you have the Greens on-side - and they’ve say they’ll support it - and you have the independents on-side, then you can get that through and the Opposition is irrelevant. So if you want to get this through, there is a pathway there available to you.
WAYNE SWAN: Well that’s hypothetical. I don’t know that…
LEIGH SALES: Well can I just be clear for our audience: if that support is there from the Greens and independents, will you bring the legislation on?
WAYNE SWAN: Well if we see that support, we’ll consider it at the time. We don’t have it yet
Crass, crass, crass.

Same contemptible wedge politics last night from Disability Reform Minister Jenny Macklin:
JENNY MACKLIN: We’re prepared to put it into the Parliament. We’re saying to Mr Abbott: people with disability want this. Why don’t you support it, do what people with disability want, give them certainty and support it.
TONY JONES: OK, I’m gonna interrupt you again because you keep coming back to Tony Abbott and yet you don’t need the Coalition’s vote to get this through Parliament. So, I’m just asking: after all these years, if you don’t get Tony Abbott’s vote, will you sit on it until the election, this legislation?
JENNY MACKLIN: Well, we’re saying - Tony, I’ll just repeat again: we’re saying to Mr Abbott: support this legislation.
Is Bill Shorten projecting?
Tony Abbott is the sort of person who sees the NDIS as nothing more than a political football then he is not fit to lead the nation.
In fact, Labor has all the votes it needs already:
This attempt to flush [Abbott] out foundered when it emerged the government had the requisite support of five crossbenchers to pass the legislation and they were keen to bring it on before the election.
“Bring it on,’’ said Rob Oakeshott.
Tony Windsor said: “If we’re going to do it, let’s do it...’’
Andrew Wilkie said: “I support the establishment of the NDIS and see merit in funding it through a levy...”
Other crossbenchers, Craig Thomson and the Greens MP Adam Bandt are also supportive.
Mr Abbott spent Wednesday night on the phone consulting senior colleagues. If the Coalition were to support the levy increase, it would be conditional on it also approving the associated budget cuts
The one good thing about the levy is - as I didn’t get around to noting in my column - that it doesn’t actually pay for all the planned disability scheme. That gives future governments not just the freedom but the discipline to stop the scheme from sprawling and the spending from blowing out.
Terry McCrann:
It’s a political no-brainer for the opposition to support the levy; and more particularly to get it done and dusted before the election.
To do something other would either be to go to the election, effectively abandoning the disabled; or to embrace an even bigger budget deficit problem than it now faces. Getting the levy “off the table” produces clarity on two important fronts. Generally, that it only funds between one-third and one-half of the cost of the scheme; so where’s the rest of the money coming from?…
The second reason is much simpler. The levy makes sense. It is good, if perhaps inadequate, policy.
A cohesive, all-encompassing policy to tackle the issue of the disabled is long overdue. What we have now is a morass of costly, inadequate and inefficient provision of services and their funding.
Properly done - a very big, and I have to say, depressing ask - the net additional cost of doing it on a comprehensive all-inclusive basis, shouldn’t necessarily be that big. Although having said that, the scheme will over time end up costing much more than the bean-counters estimate. It is always thus.
(Thanks to readers Peter and Jeff.) 


Warmists try again: would you believe warming causes hookers?

Andrew Bolt May 02 2013 (7:09am)

How desperate and luridly imaginative can warmist alarmists get?
Several House Democrats are calling on Congress to recognize that climate change is hurting women more than men, and could even drive poor women to “transactional sex” for survival.
The resolution, from Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) and a dozen other Democrats, says the results of climate change include drought and reduced agricultural output. It says these changes can be particularly harmful for women.
“[F]ood insecure women with limited socioeconomic resources may be vulnerable to situations such as sex work, transactional sex, and early marriage that put them at risk for HIV, STIs, unplanned pregnancy, and poor reproductive health,” it says.
Odd how this hyper-creative imagination of warmists never turns to the benefits of any warming.
(Thanks to reader watty.) 


More of those students Alan Jones was attacked for suspecting

Andrew Bolt May 02 2013 (7:05am)

More arrests of the usual tiny minority:
The Boston Police Department announced via Twitter this morning that three new suspects—two students from Kazakstan and one United States citizen—have been placed under arrest in the Boston Marathon bombing case. The three men, all 19 years old, are identified as Dias Kadyrbayev, Azamat Tazhayakov, and Robel Phillipos. The trio will appear in court on Wednesday to face charges of conspiracy to obstruct justice, after allegedly removing evidence from Tsarnaev’s apartment while he was being hunted by the FBI. Stay tuned to this post for the latest....
“We are the ones who cooperated with [law enforcement],” said Robert Stahl, Kadyrbayev’s lawyer, outside the courthouse late this afternoon, insisting that Kadyrbayev did not willingly aid Tsarnaev and that he did not know the “value” of what was in the discarded knapsack…
According to The Boston Globe, the FBI has said that the contents of the discarded backpack, allegedly thrown in the trash by Tsarnaev’s friends, include: fireworks, jar of vaseline, and homework sheet. That’s significant because, as CNN noted on air, vaseline can be used in making an explosive...
(Thanks to reader Peter.) 


But they’re Jews, too, right?

Andrew Bolt May 02 2013 (6:49am)

Which means the true link for the protesters is simply that the shopkeepers are Jews:
A KEY supporter of the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement has been caught on camera admitting “there isn’t really any connection” between Australian Max Brenner chocolate shops and Israel.
Palestine Action Group spokesman Patrick Harrison made the admission in a video of a BDS protest last November at the Max Brenner outlet in Parramatta…
Promotional material for the protest claimed: “Max Brenner is an ongoing target of the BDS campaign for its support for Israel and the Israeli Defence Forces. Max Brenner supports the torture, displacement and genocide of the Palestinians. The company is owned by the Israeli conglomerate the Strauss Group, which provides care rations for the Israeli military.”
But Mr Harrison appears in the video saying: “Max Brenner itself is a franchise. So financially speaking there isn’t really any connection between this Max Brenner store in particular and Israel. It’s become really a kind of cultural ambassador for Israel, this store. Why do we say that it’s a cultural ambassador for Israel?
“Well, all of the Zionists in the Australian parliament—Kevin Rudd, Michael Danby—various figures who want to say they want to support Israel come down to Max Brenner to show their support and to actually stand to the other side of us, to actually stand against Palestine, and to show that Israel is in their DNA.”
Harrison has this rather the wrong way around. The “Zionists” show their support at the Max Brenner shops only after the likes of Harrison have started picking on them for being, well, run by Jews without “really any connection” with Israel.
To me that is too close to Kristallnacht for comfort.
(Thanks to reader Gab.) 


Home Secretary Theresa May at our call centre, reminding people to vote in today’s local elections

Flightless feathered dinosaurs that scampered around North America may have been the Darwin's finches of the Late Cretaceous era, as the wide variation in their beak shapes and body size provides scientists clues about how the small creatures could coexist by carving out different dietary niches.

Lana Turner and John Wayne

Strax returns to Doctor Who in 'The Crimson Horror', but what would he do if you called him a "potato head" and how would he deal with a Weeping Angel? Watch this video Q&A with him to find out!

(If you do not watch this video, he will release his laser monkeys...)



Next time on Doctor Who Mark Gatiss takes Doctor Who to 1890s Yorkshire in ''The Crimson Horror''


The dog versus the chicken sandwich. Round two.

The Holocaust during WWII was one of the very low points in human history. Millions of Jews were systematically exterminated in concentration camps. These are the fats, and yet some still try to deny that the Holocaust ever happened. Whatever their reasoning, they maintain the stories are Nazi propaganda.
Showing great foresight, Dwight Eisenhower made an effort to stop any such attempts. In 1945, he visited one of the concentration camps near Gotha, and was shocked and horrified at what he saw. Though some of the sights made him physically ill, he inspected every part of the camps. He felt that it was his duty to see it all and be able to testify to the truth of the Nazi brutality.

Read more at 




Bertrand Russell to Oswald Mosley in 1962. This is how to tell someone you won't debate with them:
Yes it is polite .. not using violence .. and I agree with the sentiment .. but I don't feel it is the way to win a debate .. it seems to be more a way of giving up. - ed


4 her

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...this single Mum has gone into debt to make this point. Share it and help her get her money's worth. cc: Destroy the JointMamaBakeBecoming DadThe Australia Institute: 'A BILLBOARD protesting cuts to sole parent payments paid for by a Reservoir mum was erected in Preston today.

As reported earlier this month, Rose Ljubicic took more than $3000 out of her own pocket, going into debt, to hire the 4m x 6m billboard space on the corner of Bell and High streets in Preston.

The billboard poses the question: "Why is Labor taking more money from single parents than from big mining through the mining tax?"

A graph shows the Federal Government's savings from cutting sole parent payments at $207 million compared with $126 million from mining tax profits.

Ms Ljubicic said she was very impressed to see the billboard in situ.

She said she'd recouped some of more than $1800 towards funding the project through crowd funding site Rocket Hub and needed to get about $1400 more to pay for her action.'


Hit 'Like' if you'd be happy to swap places with this waffle. Max Brenner
I refuse to let her use any implements like a knife or fork .. even a spoon seems excessive .. - ed





Here is what Council will be providing Fairfield City in the next financial year under Theme 1: Community Wellbeing:

• New Water Park at Prairiewood Leisure Centre.
• Construction of an Adventure Playground in Fairfield
District Park.
• Flying Fox and play equipment at Bonnyrigg Town
Centre Park.
• A Timeline Wall at Fairfield City Museum.

Have your say on the initiatives Council works towards in the next four years here


Doctor Who BARDIS, Much Bigger on the Inside!
Labor really is embarrassing. Wayne Swan hops on the ABC and says Tony Abbott is playing politics with the NDIS and then says that unless Tony Abbott backs the medicare levy hike, the NDIS will become a partisan campaign issue. Bring on 14 September*

*Subject to Gillard keeping her word on something... David Elliot MP



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Hi everyone! Here's the newsletter for May 1st. Enjoy!

From the Blog

The Camp Bastion cover-up

Do you remember what happened last year on 9/14?

Speak up, take action: Everybody Blog About Pigford Day

One of the last things I talked about with Andrew Breitbart before he left this earth too soon last year was the persistent, poisonous scourge of identity politics and racial demagoguery...

Obama: There will be ‘glitches and bumps’ in Obamacare implementation

President Obama’s press conference yesterday had awkward moments, teasers for the right, re-promises for the uber gullible, and a prediction that will probably end up going down in history as the understatement of the century...

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Yesterday, Michelle joined Megyn Kelly to discuss Eric Holder's lame, P.C. response to the Boston Marathon bombing.

Michelle's Book Corner

Our Second Amendment rights are under fire like never before. Glenn Beck's Control: Exposing the Truth About Guns is a must-read and must-buy in these imperiled times. Get one for your family and four for your friends, neighbors, and co-workers.

Michelle's Top Tweets

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And ... Our Hate Tweet of the Day

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Presumably, that was supposed to be funny. Too bad.


May 2Maundy Thursday (Eastern Christianity, 2013); Teachers' Day in Iran; Flag Day in Poland
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