Thursday, June 19, 2008

Promoting New Music Thor's Day 19th June

by signorina_oscurata

Still reeling, but I can't seem to get the poison out any way but through song. So here, my friends and victims, is some song.
Beautiful Sunset
Cat's Coffee Shop
by sonic_magpie, particledots and Mystified

Recently, else-site, there was a challenge to do a coffeehouse acoustic song.

This challenge just happened to coincide with Bryn's visit to Utah to meet Cat. So we decided to get out Cat's dusty old acoustic guitar and blaze through some of our 'greatest hits.'

While we posted this set elsewhere, as planned, a couple people asked if we were going to post it here...

So...heere then, in all of their raw unplugged glory, are some of sonicmagpie's finest moments--and for the first time ever with NO production.

Played live with virtually no rehearsal time and recorded directly to an H4 digital recorder, exclusively for the 'coffeehouse challenge,' here is the sonicmagpie set live at Cat's Coffeeshop in Utah.

1) The Summer Day - written by bryn and cat

2) Go To Sleep - written by David Griffiths

3) I Don't Know - written by bryn and cat (from the phoenix sessions)

4) Remember When - Leonids cover

5) Mount Saint Helens - written by michael2, bryn and cat
Beautiful Sunset
by eagle_1

this one is developed from another song of us (birds1), but listening both to it we agreed this is not good enough for the CD....consider it a nice experiment with sax added to nylon stringed guitar, it is'nt more than for the record that we're still workin the track is uploaded...
hope ya like it a bit.
my brother does the nylon and the lead, i just filled up a bit and u can download it if u want.
Beautiful Sunset
Cover - What A Wonderful World...
by o0o and EddieFranklin

Here is a very unusual thing from me... A cover!!!
I am not so fond of doing 'm but this morning I heard this cover of Louis Armstrong's "what a wonderful world" by Eddie Franklin and thought ah what the heck...and I gave it a try..


Music: E. Franklin
Vocals: o0o
Lyrics: L. Armstrong
Beautiful Sunset
by dirigent and Heightened

A dance-meditation about a poem of William Blake (1757-1827)

Instrumental music and mix by Heightened
Vocal music by Dirigent

Artwork by David Roberts 1838
(Engraving "View on the Citadel and the Tower of David")
Over The Moon
by k6

well it's been a while. Here's a guitar thingy which seemed to develop over a couple weeks. There are lots of people on icomp I'd like to dedicate something to but this one is particularly for George Tingley who is the culprit, the skalywag, who got me on icomp in the first place. Thanks George. Hope you listen to this skipping down the street to the store. Oh and George, this is a major key isn't it ?
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