Saturday, June 21, 2008

Liberal Messages Saturday 21st June

Nelson Doorstop - Canberra
Scrapping of Commercial Ready, charitable sector, Prime Minister’s overseas trips, binge drinking advertising, Jeddah oil summit, petrol excise, Northern Territory intervention, visit to the Lower Lakes...

Statement by Hon Alan Stockdale - Federal President - Liberal Party of Australia
At its meeting in Canberra today the Federal Executive of the Liberal Party discussed preliminary work on proposals to update the Federal Constitution of the Party.

Rudd exposed on inflation
It was like pulling teeth, but after 24 hours and four questions the Prime Minister finally confirmed that he stood by the five week old inflation forecasts in his own Budget.

Nemo comes up trumps, but film industry in chaos
The future successes for Australian films is shaky, given the Rudd Labor Government’s dithering in sorting out key funding issues and industry leadership priorities.

Coalition fights to keep medicare dental scheme
The Opposition is strongly of the view that the Medicare Dental Scheme has been of immense benefit to Australians suffering chronic dental health problems.

Neville backs iconic bundy rum bear
Why has the Minister chosen to single out the distilling industry? Are the wine and brewing industries the next targets in her sights?

Leaked Murray report
The Lower Murray is dying. But what we see from this leaked report is that whilst the Murray is desperate for a drink, the Ministers are out on a long lunch.

Report highlights Rudd is taking Australia's food security for granted
A leaked report not only highlights the grave situation in the Coorong and Lower Lakes it has also put the spotlight on the calamity facing the nations food bowl.

Bully boy Burke resorts to threats to force horse owners to pay up
Minister Burke directly threatened horse owners by refusing further assistance in the event of disease outbreaks such as EI if the industry failed to sign up to the Emergency Animal Disease Response Agreement (EADRA).

WA gas crisis - time for action not spin
Both State and Federal Governments should set about the task of a plan of action to alleviate the rapidly evolving energy crisis in Western Australia.

Teachers not part of the digital revolution
The report which Julia Gillard has hidden for six months – Partnerships in ICT Learning Study – showed teachers were avoiding using computers and viewed them as a 'distraction'.

$35 Million taken off veterans and given to Japanese car manufacturer
We have a real problem, when the Prime Minister is not even aware of what is in his own Budget.

Low consumer confidence reflects Rudd's failure to respond to cost of living
Sports rorts cover up continues
Bee protection essential for food security
Senate select committee reports home truths.
New VIP aircraft - Questions remain on cost and capability
Senate refers key bills to senate committee for examination
Senate inquiry into FuelWatch will get all the facts on the table
Parents to put their hands in their pockets to pay for Kevin's computers promise
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