Monday, June 16, 2008

Promoting New Music Moon's Day 16th June

Beautiful Sunset
I'm in Love
by Xolv

Beautiful Sunset
Freeway (Aimee Mann contest cover)
by jkane

Aimee Mann has a new album out - "@#%&! Smilers". She is offering people a chance to sing with her on stage if they post a video on YouTube and it wins the competition that they have set up. Some artists are truly gifted and are just way too good looking for me to compete with so I'm posting my version here. I think that it is really great that artists are doing this sort of thing, so my thanks to Aimee Mann for sharing her work (and yes, I will buy her cd this week).

****Please note that I only did the vocals. Aimee and her band plays all the instrumentation. Thus, I'm not allowing downloads.

My thanks to zallaz and brnPetra for their help and support with track!

* my usual apologies - levels too hot, too much reverb and hiss! I'll never learn...
Beautiful Sunset
Bonne Idée
by Lafayette

Was it a good idea to post this ?
I don't know but it's too late to regret.

- LaFayette
Beautiful Sunset
RAMSEL - Free(netic) Love

RamSel was born 2 years ago, more or less, from the
need to check the new strings I had put on my guitar
and bass, and to test some software packages we had
downloaded from e***e.

Far from us was the idea to do something creative, we
have given vent to our exhibitionistic insticts, but
on our own, because we're a little shy.

Being Ramsel a musical identity which prescinds our
personal works, here comes the need to create an "ad
hoc" space, and in this way statistically evaluate how
much mental insanity pervades this splendid web site.

Our music does not think, just expresses itself. What
you hear happens in the immediate, parts are built in
improvisation, and you can hear it, I guess.

Me and the madman thank you for making us rich in
feeling and perplexity, the only weapons we accept to
fight against the night...every single day.

Anto & Cesare
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