Saturday, June 28, 2008

Throwing Them Under The Bus

Apparently sweet aliens from galaxy quest.

Spotted on a blog by a musician, Eddie Franklin.
Im a little disturbed by the trend in recent months to throw anyone and everyone "under the bus" as they say. When I was in the Army there was a saying."You are only as strong as the weakest man in your group". You picked up the man who was falling behind and made sure that he made it too. Because one day the one being left behind might be you.

Anyway, It seems everyone is ready to pass judgment so quickly anymore. As if they were God, and could divine all things. I don't really think throwing people under the bus would be part of God's plan anyway. It doesn't really match up too well with the love and compassion thing. But you know, In today's world there is no God, so you don't need to worry about any consequences for being the slimiest person on earth. Covienient!! Just imagine if in war. People left their fellow men behind because they were trippin my mood, or slowing me down, they were gonna get ME killed. Not very selfless, but indeed selfish. Not heroic but cowardly.
Today, there is world filled with people who need but one thing. To Love and to be Loved. It was all God ever asked and the day will come when you will see through the veil. God will ask you, "How do you think you did?"

I won't be throwing anyone under the bus and I LOVE ALL OF YOU. Regardless, of what color your skin is, what kind of religion youve chosen to follow, what you sexual preference, whether youve made mistakes. LOVE is eternity. HATE is death. When man kind learns to pick up his fellow he has left for dead. The whole of the world will become as it should have been.
check out the battle at Kruger

I feel that. I have never been in the army, but I feel what you say. I spent over a decade as a recluse, but only recently decided to come out of the woodwork again. And although I don't feel I got anyone I can turn to, other than god, I also feel I have a responsibility to those around me too. And so I find myself doing things for others without wanting something in return. Sometimes its a thrill.- ed
No jokes in Canada
Andrew Bolt
Ezra Levant smuggles out news from the People’s Democratic Republic of Canada:

Guy Earle, a Toronto comedian, must now stand trial before the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal on the charge of telling unfunny jokes.

That sounds like a joke itself, but it’s not.

In May, 2007, Earle was hosting a comedy night at Zesty’s restaurant in Vancouver. He says a couple of lesbians came in, got drunk and starting making out right in front of the stage. He said they also heckled him and other comedians.

In other words, like anyone else—gay, straight or otherwise—they set themselves up for some wise-cracks. And crack wise Earle did.

Terrible mistake. Here’s a preliminary ruling against him from Canada’s human rights Gestapo. And here’s Earle taking one last riff before his execution (BAD LANGUAGE, BAD TASTE WARNING; NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN):

The gorgeous blogger, Sollee, has the following;
Indeed, life is beautiful.....Imagine how those little creatures survive despite the bad weather we have every now and then.....Imagine how ants would bump into each other, then you would see them trying to make "bayanihan" pulling together a "gigantic" food they had discovered!.....How some sparrows would even stay on high voltage wires without getting electrocuted and enjoy every minute of it....How little kids would understand each other when they play even without talking.....Life is beautiful!
We live in a world where love and hate dwells yet love survives despite of it all....We live in doubts, in worries, even in turbulence yet hope could erased them all....Life is beautiful...
If you cry now it doesn't matter for tomorrow your tears will all be gone....there is a mystery, a beautiful mystery beyond those tears of yours that you have yet discovered...
Life is beautiful more than you could ever imagine!
She is not blissed out on medication, she is a lecturer, teacher at a religious campus in the Phillipines.
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