Monday, June 30, 2008

Climate Right for an Ugly Con Job

By Piers Akerman
IF TODAY’S budget bonus left Australians feeling a little out of pocket, they will experience real shock when they read the recommendations in Ross Garnaut’s climate change report to be delivered on Friday.

Garnaut, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s old boss from his diplomatic days, was asked to provide the report on April 30, 2007, in one of a number of election stunts organised by Labor’s campaign strategists in its successful bid to woo voters from the Howard government.

Its terms of reference make plain the Rudd Government’s unquestioning belief in human-induced climate change, even though the hypothesis has never been tested and there are no plans for any testing involving the normal guidelines of scientific rigour.

Nor have there been any rational or evidence-based explanations for the limited evidence on which the theory of man-made climate change relies.

On the one hand, we have falling global temperatures, and on the other, we have the apocalyptic warnings of a band of publicity-seekers like former US vice-president Al Gore and Environment Minister Peter Garrett - and shortly we will have Garnaut’s blueprint for Australian policy to be implemented by 2010.

The scenario I envision, when I try to tell others what the government is doing, under Rudd, follows:
The government is spending billions of your dollars trying to make the house brick a better, safer, flying machine. In doing so, they are refusing to consider anything with wings, tails or engines, which have been 'proven' to not work.
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