Friday, June 20, 2008

Promoting New Music Freya's Day 20th June

Beautiful Sunset
A Touch Of The Rising Sun
by AnangaRanga1 and SELES

Nina is singing 2 voices and plays guitar
Antonello gives the beat a backbone with his bassguitar
and AnangaRanga tried to mix away the bad sounding mic of Nina's macbook.
Beautiful Sunset
Satie Gymnopedie #2 (1888)
by georgeptingley

Celebrating my birthday today with a little neglected Satie - NOT the famous Gymnopedie #1. Cheers everyone; we're not getting any younger.

Pianist George Peter Tingley plays Erik Satie's Gymnopedie #2 (1888).
Beautiful Sunset
Seize the Day (live at the coffeehouse)
by DayForNight, stevel and Mystified

A rare live track from DFN's recent coffeehouse tour...
Pull up a chair and get a fresh brew ready
Steve; Vocals, guitar
Cat: Vocals
Beautiful Sunset
I Love Britney Spears
by dirigent and joghurt

A take on Joghurt's open collab "Goat Dance"

A wild ride - couldn't resist

Forgive me Britney
Forgive me all ye listeners
Forgive me Joghurt

Hope you have fun though ...
Beautiful Sunset
Ett moln
by brnPetra

New Swedish song by me.

Jag skulle vilja vara fri och lätt
och flyga som ett moln ingen har sett
Jag skulle vilja le med dig i dina ögon
och snudda och värmas av ditt liv
Med dig..

I would like to be free and light
and fly like a cloud none have been seen
I would like to smile with you in your eyes
and touch to and warm by your life
With you..

Beautiful Sunset
by dirigent

Joseph Gabriel Rheinberger (1839-1901): Abendlied (Evening-Song)

A performance with about 100 singers
Munich Philharmonic Choir,
conducted by Dirigent
Beautiful Sunset
Lonely Days
by DLB and AshleyBeanHead

Another song by me and the Doc! This is a fast paced pop song, bit different to my usual stuff so hope you like it!

dlb = music/lyrics
abh = production/mix
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