Saturday, June 21, 2008

Promoting New Music Saturn Day 21st June

Beautiful Sunset
by RAMZAR, SELES and pezlab56

Archaeology musical - September 2005 - (Melodies lost in my hardisk)
Improvisation FUNK to heat our fingers!
in honor of sax of Pez, now closed in custody!

Pez: tenor sax
Anto: voodoo guitar
Anto: sinth guitar (Roland GR33)
Anto: bass
Cesar: drum program, edit tracks, bad mix!
Beautiful Sunset
by Bampot and lupiroz

Ok, Here's the thing....
Luigi uploaded a cool little melody about a month ago.
It was a great little tune on it's own.

Zefif challenged me to turn it into a dance track......

I thought Ok, how do you turn a piano/vocal/orchestral piece into something that people can groove to and maybe even break a little sweat movin' around in front of their mac's?

Luigi as always it was a pleasure working with you,once again.

Hope you all enjoy this one
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