Monday, June 09, 2008

Seven Days In Heaven

I request to send you this testimony of this wonderful man of God who usually visits our house in Kampala, Uganda. Emmanuel Tuwagiraimana is from Rwanda, central Africa. Before 1994, he had been living as a Christian but he was not faithful in his walk with God. During the Rwandan genocide of 1994, Emmanuel and his friends were trapped in Kabwai School, Gitarama town, about 45km from Kigali, the capital of Rwanda. Emmanuel could not walk as he had suffered severe bomb sharpenels that had left him with severe wounds all over the body. They could not move out of the school because it was risky and very dangerous. Due to lack of medical attention, one morning Emmanuel was found dead by his friends. They wrapped his swollen and smelling body in a bed cover and pushed it in a far corner in the room. By now, smelling fluids were oozing out of Emmanuels dead body.

Beautiful Sunset
I received the following near-death experience by email from a friend of Emanuel. When I read it, I found it too incredible to believe. I email his friend and asked for some kind of verification that this experience was true. He mailed me the photos that I have displayed on this web page. I am still not convinced yet that his experience has not been embellished, but I profile it for you to decide. When reading these kind of reports, it is good to keep in mind an important fact. Jody Long, a researcher with NDERF, stated it perfectly. She said, "One of the near-death experience truths is that each person integrates their near-death experience into their own pre-existing belief system." I believe that Emanuel's experience may fit this bill. His experience is certainly fascinating as you will see.
In 1994 Emanuel Tuwagirairmana was seriously wounded during the genocide of Rwanda. His wounds grew
worse and one morning his friends, who were all hiding in a school, realized he was dead. They wrapped his body in a bed cover and by now his body was smelling and fluids were coming out of it.This situation lasted for seven days! Tuwagirairmana had a near death experience, afterwards he found himself entering his earthly body which was full of maggots. His friends could not believe their eyes when they saw Tuwagirairmana's rotten body shaking. Although most of them were very sick, they crawled and ran out of the school shouting they had seen a ghost. They returned after hearing Tuwagirairmana pleading for them to return. Tuwagirairmana is now a Christian minister.

It seems that Jesus is alive and well and is just as active in the "miracle business" as ever! Emanuel Tuwagirairmana's has to be the most incredibly miraculous, bizarre and extreme of all the NDE's I have yet read, because he was said to have been dead for at least seven days! His arm had almost been eaten off by maggots!: If such is the case, then indeed it would have to have been the work of Jesus, because Emanuel definitely encountered the Christ throughout his remarkably long stay in heaven. As far as the power of the Christ Spirit is concerned, no matter how much one's body has decayed, if your mission is not finished yet, your mission is not finished yet! "GO BACK!" Remember Lazarus?
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