Thursday, June 26, 2008

Promoting New Music Thor's Day 26th June

Beautiful Sunset
Born (In Your Garden)
by vegetal

Complete tune... no need voice. I already sing.
I'm not crazy.
Danceable Melancholic Pop.

New fresh stuff.

Hope you like it.
Beautiful Sunset
Triple Expression
by EddieFranklin, fatchance and Bass2x

This was posted before. And is a terrific collab. I really love this one. My deepest apologies to Bass2x and Geo for removing this.
Beautiful Sunset
by ScottCarmichael

One of the very first songs that I ever wrote... there are a few before this one that I can’t quite dredge up at this point.. but this one goes all the way back to when this picture was taken... LAST CENTURY... I recorded it a few years back just so I’d have it... and last week I pulled the files up in Logic to rework... I took out all keyboards and stripped it down so that it would feature guitars only... I may remix it again if I decide that the radio mid rangy bridge vox don’t work...
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