Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Promoting New Music Tuesday 10th June

Beautiful Sunset
A Strange Night
by SELES and SoulSurvivor

This piece is for my Friend Pezlab, And for my Friend Lenny that help me to complete this song with Passion and Taste.
Thanks Lenny.

Thanks for comment.

Beautiful Sunset
by yosL and anoukh

Used 5 layers of guitars
doubled up the bass
Used a superb vocal edit of Anoukh
(from her track "i wanna love you"

0 0

Use the headphones
(went for a raw Rolling Stone sound)
Hope you like it folks
Beautiful Sunset
Look for the Rainbow
by Sloparts

This is the first song I ever wrote, but I thought I'd lost it until just recently when I found a copy hidden away in a drawer. All I had was the lyrics left, but that was good enough since I remembered how it went.

I've been working on this new arrangement for about a month now and I'm tired of listening to it so I thought I'd post it to get some comments or suggestions as to how I might improve it.

Hope you enjoy what I have so far, but if not tell me why.

Thanks for listening

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