Sunday, June 22, 2008

Promoting New Music Sun Day 22nd June

Beautiful Sunset
Slippery Elm Rag (1912)
by georgeptingley

Clarence Woods (1888-1956) of Carthage, Missouri produced this piano rag in 1912. It is a very unique and unusual rag but one also employing some of the expected ragtime conventions (after all, it still needs to sound like a rag).

You will hear some refreshing harmonies, textures, and sounds which might be explained in terms of Woods' occupation as movie house pianist. Listen also for those walking basses and blues turnarounds.

Pianist George Peter Tingley plays Clarence Woods' SLIPPERY ELM RAG (1912).
Beautiful Sunset
In Lieu of Flowers v2
by NorthPoint and Lightning31

Updated version with new vocals. We're looking forward to what you think. This is one of my favorite songs with Kyle - the rest of our songs are on the links below. Thanks for listening!
-- Alan Crouch (bass, vocals, lyrics)
-- Kyle Goodrich (guitars, all music, production)

Fall Down
Drive West
Two Different Paths
In Lieu of Flowers (first version)
Beautiful Sunset
by EvilFactman and amateurpro

This is a tune I did with a tune from amateurpro. It is a serious piece about the search for oneself. I think the words are good even if there are no answers. Sometimes as you get older you realize that there are a lot of things you just will not be able to understand and that's OK.
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