Sunday, June 08, 2008

Live Science News Headlines

Why the China Quake Was So Devastating
China's earthquake may not have been as destructive in the United States.

Key to Teen Social Success Found
Microbes Could Build 'Iron Man' Circuits
Junk Computers Could Fuel Cars
Floating an Old Idea: Zeppelins Return

Top Features
Staggering Amount of Food Wasted
Floating an Old Idea: Zeppelins Return
Sloths are Not Total Sloths
How the Spice Trade Changed the World

Aurora: Dangerous Beauty
Antarctic Ice Shelf Disintegrates

Image of the Day
Historic Shipwreck Threatened
The wreck of the Civil War ironclad USS Monitor is at risk from human activity and natural deterioration.

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Teeth Offer Clues to Human Diet Evolution
Mapping mountains and valleys of fossil teeth can shed light on ancient humans' diets.
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