Friday, June 06, 2008

Headlines Friday 6th June

Labor premiers spurn Rudd’s spin
Andrew Bolt
Kevin Rudd claimed his first Budget had to crack down on spending to tame the interest rate demon:

The budget would cut irresponsible spending because “profligate spending” had been one of main reasons the country now faced an “inflation predicament”.

Oddly enough, none of the Labor states this past week are buying Rudd’s argument for restraint
Oils ain’t all oils
Andrew Bolt
Quadrant, more relevant under new editor Keith Windschuttle, has a fascinatingly detailed discussion of global warming extremism - and its costs - by Ray Evans.
$275,000 repairs could have saved their lives
A 2004 proposal to repair a corroded section of a highway that later collapsed, killing a family of five, was lost in a computer system, a senior Gosford City Council worker has told a Sydney inquest.
YOU WILL BE CAUGHT: Police warn child porn viewers
Police are warning that anyone who looks at child pornography will be caught, following the country's biggest crackdown on illicit internet activity.
Sex slurs cost Zaetta a Bollywood bundle
Allegations Tania Zaetta had sexual relationships with soldiers in Afghanistan have cost the actress $1 million in jobs, according to agent Max Markson.
Same children being used in numerous child porn rings
Federal police say some of the child pornography images seized in their latest investigation are of the same children they've seen in past operations.

More than one million images have been seized, and 70 people arrested across Australia, after Interpol alerted Federal Police that Australian computers had been viewing the pornography online.
Christian values replaced by endless self-indulgence
Alan Jones
There was an interesting story published at the end of last month in London's Daily Mail newspaper. It was called a lacerating attack on liberal values, by the Right Reverend Michael Nazir Ali, the Anglican Bishop of Rochester.
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