Sunday, August 03, 2008

Promoting New Music Sun's Day 3rd August

Beautiful Sunset
by Bampot and schwartzwolf

Ladies & Gentlemen let me introduce you to our great soul brother-
Ralph Bowie-Anderson.

I hope you like our take on the Chris Isaak classic.
We thought we would go pure pop with this one.

Ralph has done an amazing job on the vocals and it was a real pleasure digging his 4 part backing harmonies.
I kept the music simple as to showcase his great voice and it was great fun going all 'Duane Eddy' on the guitar!
Well done to Ralph.
Hopefully he will get the recognition he deserves from this and many tracks in the future.
Beautiful Sunset
by RAMZAR and rinca

Found in the archives of gmail, an idea!

RINCA thank you very much for your beautiful voice!!!

I have also a version with the guitar of Anto, but I was unable to produce the mix ..... the next time!

I hope .........
Beautiful Sunset
Back to Chicago
by Sloparts

The reason this song is a song, is because I bought myself an old Fender acoustic guitar, and I wanted to try one of my old mics to see how the guitar would sound. Well I made one recording and it sounded pretty good so I thought I'd add a bass line and some drums.

Well it just kept growing and growing until I realize I had a pretty good song on my hands. So I sat down and wrote (make that threw together) some lyrics for it and now I'm posting it to see what you think.

If you like it let me know, if you don't let me know why and I'll try to fix it. Either way, I hope you enjoy the song, It was fun to do and hopefully it's be fun to listen to.

Thanks for stopping by,

Original Rags (1897)
by georgeptingley

Scott Joplin's ORIGINAL RAGS written in 1897 is the composer's first known rag - and is a good one. The extended form is intro AA BB CC A DD EE - thus the plural "rags" in the title indicating many rag sections strung together.

Pianist George Peter Tingley plays Scott Joplin's ORIGINAL RAGS, written in 1897 but not published until two years later.
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