Saturday, August 16, 2008

Liberal Messages Saturday 16th August

Nelson interview with Kieran Gilbert (Sky News Agenda Program) - Bracks Review, luxury car tax, interest rates, overseas visit, land 121, transport...
Well we strongly support that recommendation. As difficult as it can be in certain sectors of the economy including the automotive sector, reducing tariffs actually makes Australia more competitive, it gives us better quality, more affordable cars. And one of the reasons why the Australian economy has been so resilient in the last decade or so is because these are the decisions that we have taken.

Malcolm Turnbull: Address to the Property Council of Australia - A Vision for Tax Reform
Tax Reform - Stamp Duty on Conveyancing - Green Buildings - The Australian Economy - Swan, Rudd and Paulson - Labor's New Protectionism

Record private health insurance numbers
Figures released today by the Private Health Insurance Administration Council (PHIAC) show that a record 10.9 million Australians held private health insurance membership at the end of June 2008.

Government squibs it on car review
After promising Australia’s automotive manufacturing industry the world, the Government has squibbed it with today’s release of the Bracks’ Report”, Senator Abetz said.

Rudd tying himself in knots over trade policy
The current chaotic approach to foreign affairs and trade policy must stop if our exporters and trading partners are to have any confidence and certainty.

Northern Australia - land of opportunity but...
The enthusiasm, innovation and commitment of Northerners continues to be frustrated by Government inaction particularly the State Government.

Why is Labor stumbling with the basics?
The Rudd Labor Government had bled funding away from the Emergency Response in the Budget, and was bending to pressures from the Northern Territory Labor Government not to monitor the cost shifting and exploitation of indigenous workers.

Reverse mortgages: take care and beware
Ms Ley said reverse mortgages, sometimes used to top up retirement income, are not a free ride and it is important that people are wary when being encouraged to take out loans for more than they need.

Indigenous arts lose out - again
One week after releasing the Rudd Labor Government's response to the Senate Inquiry into the indigenous arts sector and with $22 billion in the surplus, Arts Minister Peter Garrett and Indigenous Affairs Minister Jenny Macklin have failed to meet the call for $25 million in additional funding for the National Arts and Craft Industry Support (NACIS) programme.

Rudd offers nothing but confusion for MDB communities
The Rudd Government’s proposal to accelerate buy-backs in the northern Murray Darling Basin will not alleviate the current crisis at the mouth of the Murray, and will decimate already struggling communities unless the Government reinstates the $1.5 billion structural adjustment package.

Nelson Doorstop - Visit to Washington, Australian economy, leadership, Iraq, emissions trading scheme...
What is clear from my time here in the United States is that the United States' economy is facing significant challenges and it's likely to continue to do so over the next year. It's also very important for Australia that we focus on how the Chinese economy is going and, in setting domestic policy for Australia, that we avoid increases in taxes - which we saw in our May Budget this year - and also increases in expenditure.

Opposition welcomes Senators' decision to block FuelWatch
"This is a good day for small petrol retailers, with Independent, Nick Xenophon, and Family First Senator, Steve Fielding, declaring they will not support FuelWatch as it stands," Mr Ciobo said.

Julie Bishop TV Interview (Perth, 11 August) - Fuel Excise
Highly hypocritical. This is becoming a hallmark of the Rudd Labor Government. They are hypocrites, the likes of which we’ve not seen before, to say one thing in public yet all the while they were seeking advice from Treasury to do precisely what the Coalition proposed.

Labor's family trusts bungle another burden on small business
Labor have proven, once again, that they do not understand Australia's tax system, with yet another bungle - this time over Family Trusts, says Shadow Assistant Treasurer Michael Keenan MP.

Union plan another hollow Rudd stunt
Overnight comments by Kevin Rudd about his hasty, ill-conceived and half-baked proposal for an Asia - Pacific Union reflect the lack of regional support for Mr Rudd's plan.

Increase in public hospital costs not 'trivial'
Department of Health officials admitted today that changes to the Medicare Levy Surcharge threshold would lead to increased health insurance premiums and that there would be an impact on public hospitals.

Has Dr Emerson become the Minister for uncertainty?
More uncertainty surrounds Australia's 2.4 million small businesses, with the Rudd Labor Government considering subjecting small business to new privacy regulations and refusing to rule out a mandatory unit pricing scheme for small independent grocers.

Labor copy cat failing Australian sport
Earlier this year Kate Ellis issued a paper stating 'women have been sidelined and marginalised in Australian sport for too long', yet the Minister is dressing up a successful Coalition programme as her own and without adding one extra dollar of funding claiming to be addressing this issue.

Labor fails to take action on pensions
Last year, Kevin Rudd promised to act on the cost of living pressures facing Australians, including older Australians, but the release of today's discussion paper means pensioners will have to wait another two years for any action from the Rudd Government.

Pollies for small business programme kicks off
The Shadow Small Business Minister, Steven Ciobo, and Shadow Treasurer, Malcolm Turnbull, got behind the counter of a Sydney pharmacy this morning as part of their support for the programme which runs between 11 - 16 August 2008.
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