Sunday, August 17, 2008

Promoting New Music Sun's Day 17th August

Beautiful Sunset
by brnPetra and jolofsson

This is a special song for me.
Johan (jolofsson)have done the great beautiful arrangement for this song ..I am so glad to do a collab with him again.. Tusen tack Johan!

Beautiful Sunset
by Lafayette and RiGee

During his recent travel in south of France, Richard did me the pleasure of a visit at my home. Of course, one of the first subjects of discussion was to speak of music and of our iComps experiences, of iCompals so (you ! he he ...).
Immediately we decided to record a track together, over a basis I was working.
He is a fantastic musician, acoustic guitar player and particularly clever with a bootleneck...
You can find our tune here. I didn't modify our guitars to preserve the spontaneity and the jamming atmosphere.
Thank you again, dude, it was a great pleasure for me to meet you (this is the title of the song)... and thanks to iComps for such cool musical experiences.

Hope you like it

- LaFayette
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