Saturday, August 30, 2008

Liberal Messages Saturday 30th August

Nelson Doorstop - RTD tax revenue, privatisation, Peter Costello...
We’re opposed to the tax binge on ready-to-drinks because it will actually make alcohol abuse worse by pushing Australians and young people in particular away from a measured dose of alcohol into large full bottles of spirits and hip flasks.

Rudd: Weed war must be re-ignited
The launch of the report on introduced flora and the status of weeds underlines the need for the Rudd Government to maintain the strictest control over imported plant species to protect our biosecurity, Shadow Minister for Environment, Heritage and the Arts and Indigenous Affairs, Dr Sharman Stone, said

Nelson Doorstop - Education, Mr Rudd's Press Club address, FuelWatch, emissions trading scheme...
What Mr Rudd has announced yesterday in relation to education is existing law. And the real challenge for Mr Rudd is that, given 2008 is the last year that the states have to comply, will he now withhold funding from those state government and non-government schools that do not comply?

Small business confidence in Rudd collapses
The Rudd Government has received the worst rating of any Government in Australia in the latest Sensis Business Index for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

Bishop, Ellison, Johnston, Keenan, Cormann, Eggleston Doorstop - Woodside, tax on condensate
There is confirmation today that the Federal Government’s $2.5 billion tax hit will result in increased gas and electricity prices in Western Australia, which means that consumers of gas and electricity in our home state will be paying more for gas and electricity.

Turnbull Doorstop - Collapse of small business confidence, education, grocery watch...
There is a new survey out today, the Sensis Business Index, which is the most authoritative survey on small and medium enterprises. And it shows that small business confidence in the Rudd Government has collapsed to the lowest level ever and the Rudd Government is now the one government in Australia in which small business has the least confidence.

Bishop Doorstop Interview - small business confidence, leadership...
Sensis Business Index has been released - The reasons cited include poor economic management and a belief that government policies are working against small business.

When is a Surplus not a Surplus?
The Government today in question time made it quite clear that it has every intention of spending the current surplus.

Small business declares Rudd's Government the worst in the country
According to the August Sensis Business Index, business confidence has fallen to its lowest level since 1993, when the survey first started.

Defence contradicts Fitzgibbon - Not once, but twice
Evidence from the Department of Defence has exposed two attempts by the Minister for Defence to mislead the Australian people – in relation to truck contracts and in relation to funding for extra battalions, the Shadow Minister for Defence, Senator Nick Minchin said today.

Labor blocks FuelWatch scrutiny
In Senate Question Time today, Labor Senators blocked Coalition attempts to question the Chair of the Senate Economics Committee, Senator Annette Hurley, about yesterday's unexpected and unnecessary interim FuelWatch report, Deputy Leader of the Opposition in the Senate, Senator Eric Abetz, said today.

Roxon back flips on cost recovery while Coalition protects access to medicines for those most in need
The Rudd Government has announced so-called health policies that are nothing more than revenue raisers. The public deserves evidence-based policies that will deliver real benefits.

Tax on gas has Minister dazed and confused
After Woodside chief executive Don Voelte quite rightly pointed out that the tax would be passed on to gas customers within months, Mr Ferguson got so worked up he forgot what tax he was talking about.

Carpenter can run but he can't hide
The Carpenter Government may be sitting on the findings of its own inquiry into the Varanus Island gas explosion until after the State Election, but its consequences and impact on WA businesses will eventually be exposed thanks to a new Senate inquiry into the matter.

Rudd and Conroy are broadband 'net negatives'
Parliament heard today how Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Communications Minister Stephen Conroy have been ‘net negatives’ for broadband and their stalled National Broadband Network process is depriving Australians of access to new services now.

Rudd's nuclear blinkers risk Australia's economic future
The Rudd Labor Government will condemn the Australian economy and send jobs offshore if it continues its charade about the ability of its flawed Emissions Trading Scheme to reduce greenhouse gas emissions – without the proven zero emissions technology to do so.

Coalition to oppose luxury car tax surcharge
The Coalition will oppose the Rudd Labor Government's punitive 30 percent increase in the so-called Luxury Car Tax at the second reading in the Senate, Deputy Leader in the Senate, and Economics Committee member, Senator Eric Abetz, said today.

Following our agenda on schools, to distract attention from the economy
Over nine months, Mr Rudd has focussed on spin and media stunts and conducted over 150 reviews, rather than making tough decisions to keep our economy strong and help Australians with cost of living pressures.

Rudd must take responsibility for confidence collapse
Kevin Rudd must take responsibility for the dramatic decline in consumer confidence rather than blame it entirely on overseas events.

More needs to be done for pensioners: Evans
Liberal frontbencher Helen Coonan today questioned the Rudd Government over its approach to pension payment levels, following the Prime Minister’s admission yesterday that Australians are now doing it tougher financially than they were last November.

Murray inquiry must lower Penny's white flag
Comments on the approval today of a motion for a Senate inquiry into the urgent provision of water to the Coorong and Lower Lakes: The Coalition was very happy to support the Senate inquiry.

Nelson Interview with Fran Kelly (ABC National Radio) - Budget tax measures, economy, Kevin Rudd, Murray-Darling basin, Peter Costello...
We’re also in an environment where the Government says that it’s fighting inflation, although I note that in the 12 months that it will have been in government the inflation is forecast to go from 3.6 to 5 per cent. How do any of these tax increases on cars, on software, alcohol and a variety of other things help you fight inflation?

Job losses not on Rudd's radar
Kevin Rudd's National Press Club speech today demonstrated just how out of touch he has become in just 9 months. When questioned on increasing unemployment, Kevin Rudd failed to outline Labor's plans to assist the 100,000 Australians who the Reserve Bank predicts will lose their jobs in the next 12 months

Swan clueless on consumer confidence
In Question Time today Wayne Swan attempted to dismiss the collapse in consumer confidence in Australia by comparing the situation to that in other economies. But in each of the countries he identified - Japan, Germany, France, Italy and Canada - the economy is weaker but the decline in consumer confidence less than in Australia.

Coulton launches meals on wheels parliamentary friendship group
Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Ageing and the Voluntary Sector, Mark Coulton, has praised the invaluable contribution made by Australia’s Meals on Wheels volunteers to the nation's aged and disabled residents

Copycat Kevin gets full marks for plagiarism
The Rudd Labor Government has no new ideas for the future of education in Australia announcing nothing more today than the copying of the Coalition's policies and legislation.

Labor's desperate attempt to push FuelWatch through the Senate
The decision by Labor members of the Senate Economics Committee to release a biased interim report into the FuelWatch scheme is an indication of the Government’s increasing desperation, Deputy Leader of the Opposition in the Senate, and Economics Committee member, Senator Eric Abetz said today.

Carr doesn't understand luxury car tax
Industry Minister Senator Kim Carr today showed his lack of understanding about the impact of the Luxury Car Tax on the Australian automotive industry by repeatedly citing the wrong figure as the LCT threshold, and falsely claiming the tax was introduced in 2000.

Telstra urged to consider 'national and consumer interest' broadband outcome
The Australian community is demanding to know what the Rudd Government's 'must have' requirements are for any proponent wanting $4.7 billion of taxpayer funding.

Labor silent on planned aviation safety cutbacks
The Rudd Labor Government has today again declined to deny reports that the sky marshal program is being slashed, said Shadow Transport Minister, Warren Truss.

Water doesn't rate for Kevin08
The crisis in the nation's food bowl barely rated a mention in Prime Minister Rudd's vision for Australia's future at his address to the National Press Club today.

Rudd government back flips on nurse training
The Government made a mistake in cutting the funding for 25 nursing schools and is now scrambling as their alternative programme fails.

Nothing new from the Minister for ageing
The Minister for Ageing has today proven that she is out of touch and out of her depth when it comes to the important ageing portfolio.

Peter Dutton Daily Telegraph Blog - GROCERYChoice
People are seeing through these stunts very quickly because it comes from the Carr/Beattie/Iemma/Carpenter/Bracks/Bligh/BLAIR playbook.

Kevin 07 and Kevin 08 - A tale of two Rudds
Before the election, Kevin Rudd was fond of boasting that the buck would stop with him and it was time to end the blame game between state and federal governments. But since the election, and now that he is Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd doesn’t appear to want to remind voters that the buck does now stop with him.

Garrett hiding damage to the solar industry
Peter Garrett's claims today that the solar panel rebate means test has not hurt the solar industry are simply based on sham and distorted figures.

Food prices to soar under Rudd made pressure
The Shadow Minister for Water Security, John Cobb said after only nine months in office Prime Minister Rudd has already conceded defeat and has claimed there is nothing he can do about escalating food prices – despite promising cheaper groceries and fuel before the last election.

Rudd postpones condensate debate to protect Carpenter
Kevin Rudd has moved to protect Labor Premier Alan Carpenter from his failure to stand up for the interests of Western Australia in relation to the tax hike on condensate - which will increase gas prices in WA - by delaying the debate in the Senate.

Bleak future for trade-exposed industries
The Rudd Labor Government cannot continue to ignore the mounting evidence about the devastating impact its flawed emissions trading scheme will have on the Australian economy.

Labor tax grab will hurt Western Australian families
The $2.5 billion new tax on condensate from the North West Shelf will ultimately be passed through to consumers and will drive up prices for basic needs, such as electricity and home heating.

Nelson interview with Michael Smith (Radio 4BC, Brisbane) - Budget tax measures, Peter Costello, Liberal-National Party, climate change...
There are tax increases in the Budget that we are going to oppose. The reason for that is firstly we don't believe in higher taxes. We believe in lower taxes, and in fact I want to cut the excise on petrol by five cents a litre. The second thing is that the Government has got $22 billion in a surplus this year. That's your money. That's the money earned by your listeners.

Brendan Nelson: Address to the Welcome Home Ceremony For Australian Olympic Team
What you have done in sacrifice, in discipline, in focus, in sportsmanship, in teamwork, in your support of one another, reminds us of what it means to be an Australian. You have lifted our nation to great heights.

Rudd crying wolf on surplus
Mr Rudd claims that the Opposition's plan to oppose four Budget tax measures - alco-pops, Medicare surcharge threshold, luxury car tax and condensate - will "blow a hole in their budget" - all spin and no substance.

Wagging school not on, but dole bludging is fine
Now, in a remarkable back flip, Labor plans to introduce more punitive measures on parents whose children wag school. Here we have a Government that is prepared to go easy on adults shirking their responsibilities to contribute to society, yet is willing to suspend welfare payments for 13 weeks when children wag school.

Birdsville Amendment: A Win for Small Business
Small business is the engine room of the economy, and the sector in this country employs around four million people, which represents over 45% of the workforce. Given the importance of the sector, the Coalition will not support the proposed amendments to the "Birdsville Amendment".

Wong opposes assistance to Lower Lakes
Asked today during Question Time in the Senate whether the Government would support the Coalition's plan for a $50 million Emergency Assistance Fund, the Minister ruled out supporting immediate relief for Lower Lakes communities.

Federal Opposition supports a more flexible, demand-driven training system
The Opposition provides in-principle support for the Federal Government's announcement today of support for the introduction of an Income Contingent Loan for diploma and advanced diploma courses in Victoria.

Rudd Government must accept motoring groups' offer and dump flawed FuelWatch scheme
In recent weeks we have seen the Government become increasingly desperate on FuelWatch. This culminated with the Treasurer irresponsibly claiming that motorists could save $10 off a tank of fuel or 20 cents a litre. This claim has been labelled as misleading by motoring groups.

Halt on shale oil not in national interest
Prime Minister Rudd needs to pull his Labor State Premiers into line after yet another Labor leader yesterday put short term political gains ahead of the national interest. The announcement by Queensland Premier Anna Bligh of a two-year moratorium on shale oil projects in her State was bad public policy that places Australia's energy security at risk.

Time for Crean to get serious on free trade
The collapse of the Doha round of world trade talks has further exposed the weakness of the Rudd Labor Government's chaotic approach to trade.
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