Saturday, August 16, 2008

Promoting New Music Saturn's Day 16th August

Could It Be
by signorina_oscurata

Written a couple years ago, in an entirely different situation involving an entirely different boy, but it's more timely than ever.

Very, very synth-y-- I'm stranded in New Mexico, several thousand miles away from my crappy Korg, which, to be honest, treats me very well... so GB's musical keyboard function had to suffice. Good news 'bout that, though, is i had the freedom to make all my own loops, constantly comparing the one to the other to find an ideal fit.

What may be the first in a series of possibilities stemming from one question, this track is mostly a happy ending to a grueling romantic saga. If you enjoy, say so! If you think it needs something that you think YOU can give it, download it and take it apart and put it back together. I've been having wonderful collab luck recently
could it be that i'm not sad at all,
that i'm not wishing you would call
that i believe with all my heart that
you deserve her, honey?

and if i were lonesome, even then
i think i'd rather you just
sleep beside her in the bed you made
and all your pain is not my pain,
it's not my misery
i am just a referee

is it but mere possibility
that i don't wish you were with me
that i don't miss the cold remarks
and all your silent judging

even if you begged me, i'm not sure
that i could take a second more
than what i already have done
and though you left,
it's i who's won
and so in honesty
i can't say i'm anything but happy.

and it must hurt
to know you won the pot
but lost the ante
yes it must hurt
to look into her eyes
and find them empty....

could it be that i'm not sad at all,
that i'm not wishing you would call
that i believe with all my heart
you got what you had
coming, come...
Beautiful Sunset
Midnight Moon: A Piano Improv for Filmscorz
by JodyG

Hi fellow music makers here is my latest improv, This just flowed out hope you enjoy. Oh if you see Jeff (Filmscorz) tell him Thanks for me. He's a great inspiration and friend, Were lucky to have him with us.
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