Saturday, August 30, 2008

Quentin Bryce and Rudd Dilemma

Quentin Bryce's husband quits job
Erin Maher
Beautiful Sunset
The husband of Governor-General designate Quentin Bryce is selling his business to make sure there is no conflict of interest.
The issue of Quentin's appointment crystallizes the problem of Rudd.

Quentin's appointment will mean that someone who has helped Rudd avoid scrutiny over the Heiner Affair will be in a constitutional position to fail to sack him if that is required.

Rudd's illness is related his not being able to accept being criticized. Ever.

Rudd doesn't face criticism in Australia, but goes overseas where he may be feted instead. So that he has only been available for some 20% of the time in parliament since his election to Prime Minister.

Rudd has not made a single decision or policy since his election win. He has made statements and created committees which seem to have no function other than to promote his banalities. Were he to make a decision, he would expose himself to criticism.

When Rudd was exposed for attending a nightclub and behaving shamefully, he answered his critics by saying he hadn't misbehaved. He also said he was too drunk to remember. He said he had apologized to his wife who also is not allowed to criticize him.

But Rudd is PM and he has to make decisions or bad things will happen to Australia. Australia needs Nuclear power if it is to go for low carbon emissions. It is questionable if Australia needs to go to low carbon emissions. Australian industry looks to Rudd for leadership. Instead, Rudd gives money away to Japanese car dealers to avoid criticism over his mishandling of Japanese affairs.

And now we have an appointment of an apparently compromised governor who will not be able to criticize Rudd if it is needed.
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