Saturday, August 09, 2008

Promoting New Music Saturn's Day 9th August

Beautiful Sunset
Cruel Cruel Bossa
by BossHook

It's been awhile since I dusted off the jazzy Boss.
So here's a new Boss Bossa.

Bossa's always remind me of summer, the beach and pretty girls. But do not be fooled, if you listen closely this this is a gut wrenching existentialist bossa of the metaphysical torments of crisis without catharsis.

But then again everything sounds easy and free in the Bossa, so crack open a can of mixed nuts and pour something cold for this.

Giving my Hohner jazz box archtop guit a little work on this tune.

Boss Hook: Vocals, Blueridge Acoustic, Yamaha Acoustic, Hohner Archtop, Bass, B3 organ (via Ensoniq), drum programming and percussion.

(c) John LaMantia for Boss Hook Music, 2008
Beautiful Sunset
Rev'là l'blues
by Lafayette

A whisky in my guitar or a guitar in my whisky ?

Vocals ? ...yes ??? ... !!!

Thx for the drink, John Lee.

- LaFayette
Beautiful Sunset
by rinca

i have just let a mad man back into my life. this is what he gave me. LOL once again another song i sang for somebody else. this song doesn't seem to make much sense mix wise! but he seems happy with it. LOL this is not my song
Beautiful Sunset
You can make smile stay
by rinca

once again crazy man here who's giving me old songs you all know i like crazy. now you know why i had to take control of where i was going musically! LOL I forgot to mention- this is not my song. this is song have put into the LOL song pile to go with the song 'LOL'. I don't feel these songs are very me. i but i helped out by singing somebody else's song for them.
stepping stone original
by rinca

this is the original of my stepping stone with psychosoul. its a very different version. its my heart and soul and i am so happy to finally have it back!!! thank you roger for coming back into my life and giving me this moment of misery back to me. the new version of this song is very different and can be found...

these two songs were made 10years apart. One was made in a studio and the other just a mic jacked into the computer and a pack of cigs . I must say as much as the first version means to me i am much happier to finally have the musicians here at icomp like Psychosoul to work with who i feel give me better music and keys and allow me to make the music i always wanted to that nobody would let me. Thank you Psycho x
Becks Beer Commercial

30 second Becks Beer Commercial
Music by Alex Gollan
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