Saturday, August 09, 2008

Liberal Messages Saturday 9th August

Tax review puts cloud of uncertainty over superannuation
Shadow Assistant Treasurer and Shadow Minister for Superannuation, Michael Keenan MP, is today saying Labor needs to make their agenda clear – as speculation mounts over a consideration of a jump in super contributions to 12 per cent, and possible changes to the taxation treatment of superannuation.

Government warned: don't soften tough on drugs stance
“Today’s revelation that a joint Australian Federal Police and Customs operation intercepted almost 5 tonnes of ecstasy last June, under the Howard Government, is another validation for the Tough on Drugs approach”, Christopher Pyne, Shadow Minister for Justice and Border Protection said today.

Labor must advocate tough stance on drug cheats
Australia is known for its tough but fair competition, and I would encourage all of our athletes to keep their eye on the main prize, and let the IOC and the appropriate bodies worry about the drug cheats said the Shadow Minister for Sport, Pat Farmer MP.

Older Australians left out in the cold
Shadow Minister for Ageing Margaret May has said the delay in announcing the 2008 Aged Care Assessment Round was unacceptable and was putting older Australians at risk.

L plate Minister to host international meeting
Labor's Kate Ellis will be hosting the Commonwealth Sports Ministers meeting the day after the Opening Ceremony, but with sport in Australia under review and potentially facing funding cuts, it is not clear what Australian sports policies Ms Ellis will be taking to the table said Shadow Sports Minister, Pat Farmer MP.

Nelson Doorstop - World economy, Australian economy, Peter Costello, Paul Keating, GroceryWatch, Olympics, petrol excise...
Telling Australians what the price of a can of baked beans was a month ago and putting it on the internet is not going to do anything to bring the price of groceries down. And Mr Rudd needs to focus on the real issues that are worrying Australians everyday; cost of living pressures, interest rates and trying to survive in day-to-day life. This is just another stunt, it is very shallow and it reflects the fact that Mr Rudd is all talk and no action.

Treasury employment advice should be released
Early signs that the economic slowdown has started to impact on employment growth make it increasingly important for the Rudd Labor Government to release details of Treasury forecasting that 134,000 Australians will lose their jobs in the next 10 months.

Access Economics says FuelWatch doesn't reduce petrol prices and Graeme Samuel agrees
Another nail has been hammered into Kevin Rudd's FuelWatch coffin with Access Economics and the ACCC's Graeme Samuel both agreeing that FuelWatch will not deliver lower petrol prices.

Andrew Robb: Address to the AIIA - Australia in the world: past, present and future
You often hear people claim that there is no longer any difference between the major political parties; that philosophy no longer matters. I strongly disagree.

Well wishes to Olympians
Congratulations to our athletes competing in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games as the culmination of years of hard work come together over the next fortnight said the Hon Pat Farmer MP, Shadow Minister for Sport.

Too little, too late
The Exposure Draft for the new Employment Services Contract 2009-2012 shows that there is a clear disparity between the policy and rhetoric of the Rudd Labor Government regarding assisting job seekers back into the workforce.

Rudd goes silent on broadband to avoid bad headlines
Prime Minister Kevin Rudd never talks about Labor's grand National Broadband Network promises anymore because he knows if he does he will only attract bad publicity about failing to deliver.

Rudd 'guest worker' scheme must be debated before it is imposed on Australians
Call on the Government to commit to a public debate on the advantages and disadvantages of the scheme before a decision is taken.

Malcolm Turnbull: Address to the Investment and Financial Services Association (IFSA) Conference - Innovate 08
Innovation is essential to the future growth and prosperity of the Australian economy. Innovation leads to higher productivity which drives higher real wages for Australians. It is what leads to higher living standards for Australians.

Colin Barnett elected as Leader of WA Liberals
Colin brings considerable experience to the role from his long career as a senior Minister in the Court Government and as a former Leader of the Opposition.

ACCC grocery report highlights food security and water
The ACCC Grocery Report highlights the major impact the drought is having on food prices, yet the Rudd Government's water and agricultural policies are placing additional pressure on farmers and food prices.

GroceryChoice website anti-competitive
The Rudd Labor Government has launched a taxpayer-funded advertising campaign against independent supermarkets across Australia with the opening of the GROCERYchoice website, Acting Leader of the Opposition Julie Bishop said today.

Wong waves white flag at the Murray Lower Lakes
It comes a day after she was caught out for promising 35 billion litres of water for the Murray but delivering only enough to fill ten Olympic swimming pools.

Luxury car tax hearings wrap-up - without key witness
The Senate Economics Committees hearings into the proposed eight percent increase in the Luxury Car Tax wound-up today without taking evidence from a key witness - Mr Steve Bracks.

The devil is in the detail - fails to deliver price information for consumers
The Rudd Government's rush to rollout Grocerychoice has been exposed as a fraud with the website failing to detail the cost of one single product, Shadow Minister for Business Development, Independent Contractors and Consumer Affairs, Luke Hartsuyker, said today.
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