Saturday, August 30, 2008

Promoting New Music Saturn's Day 30th August

Beautiful Sunset
One Man's Dream (Yanni's cover)
by Lafayette

I like this Greek composer and particularly this song composed in 1993 (album "In My Time").
I've added guitars (acoustic lead and rhythm), bass, oboe (yes !) and soft drums in a jazzy way.

I try to preserve the melancholic and quiet ambiance.

Hope I've succeeded...

Thank you in advance for your comments

- LaFayette

Yanni's official site
Beautiful Sunset
The River's Edge
by Garni, Rusticalia, NorthPoint, Jovana, jalanix, Slupper and WoodshedConspiracy

This is a 'Woodshed Conspiracy' Project with a few of our friends:
Hope you enjoy the journey with us

Slupper: Bass
Jalanix: Lead guitar
Jovana: Backing Vocals

Woodshed Conspiracy consists of:
Rusticalia: Acoustic Guitar
Northpoint: Vocals and Lyrics
Garni: Drums, Piano, Accordian, Backing Vocals and Production.
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