Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Headlines Tuesday 5th August

When my mortal enemy is my friend
Piers Akerman
THE international Left and our own flag-waving supporters of Hamas, Hezbollah and every other Palestinian terror organisation, look pretty stupid today as Israel provides sanctuary for Palestinians fleeing home-grown terror directed against each other.

The bloody infighting between rival terrorist gangs has long been a feature of the fractured Arab bloc but the reality that Israel does provide the only island of security in the middle of the carnage has never been so starkly illustrated.

More than 180 members of the Hiles (or Hilles) clan which is allied to the former Fatah government have been sheltered by Israel in an astonishing act of mercy as they fled killers from the radical Islamic resistance movement Hamas.

Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak made the decision to allow the young men to enter Israel on humanitarian grounds after receiving a plea for help from Palestinian President and Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas and the Egyptian Government.

Those fleeing Hamas accused the group of attempting to wipe out all supporters of Fatah from the Gaza Strip in an act of “political cleansing”.

Mohammed Darawshe, a director of the Abraham Fund which works toward increasing opportunities for co-existence and equality between Arabs and Jews in Israel, said the street slaughter which has left at least nine - including a six-year-old girl - dead, was one of the blackest pages in Palestinian history.

“When you have Palestinians being forced to flee by other Palestinians, it is a tragedy,” he said.

“This is the behaviour of a brutal dictatorship, not a political party working in the interests of its people.”

On the border, Israeli guards prepared stretchers to carry wounded Palestinian refugees as ambulances took more than 100 wounded to hospital.

Hamas gunmen fired upon those fleeing, wounding at least 22, as the Israelis opened their border gates. -So when will the diplomat Rudd send his message? He told the Chinese that they owned Tibet, and was applauded by the press. I guess he can go to Israel and say Jerusalem belongs to the jews. Then he can go to Jerusalem and say Palestine is for the Palestinians. Then he can go to the UN and ask China what they want him to say.
Still, I can’t help but think someone will place an anti Israel twist on this.- ed.

No hope
Andrew Bolt
Beautiful Sunset
And the re-emerging smog over Beijing is when China is really, really trying to cut down on real pollution for just a couple of weeks of nice pictures. Judge from this what hope there is of getting China to join the world in cutting carbon dioxide “pollution” - aka plant food.
Same old dream. UPDATE: Take McKnight, for example
Andrew Bolt
After considering yesterday how the Left is always so tempted by totalitarianism, this question:

Why are people who’d have been communists a generation ago almost certain to preach global warming alarmism today? What makes the new faith so tempting?

Brazen exploitation
Andrew Bolt
Sir Richard Brazen pinged again:

In September 2006, Virgin boss Richard Branson pledged €1.9 billion towards tackling global warming. For the next ten years, he announced, the profits from his aviation and rail businesses would go towards combating the biggest, most complex problem that mankind has ever faced…

In fact, the money would go to a new division of the Virgin conglomerate, called Virgin Fuel. Branson was simply gearing himself up to make more money…
Iraq not so bad, after all
Andrew Bolt
Were these political refugees or economic ones?

IRAQI interpreters given asylum in Australia after working alongside Australian troops during the occupation of their country say they feel short-changed by the Federal Government since arriving in Australia two months ago…
They love to watch - and spend
Andrew Bolt
The Rudd Government already had form with FuelWatch, GroceryWatch, CarbonWatch and WhaleWatch - big promises and big dollars, but tiny results. Now it’s WaterWatch:

THE federal Government’s $50 million water buyback will return less than 10megalitres to the Murray River this year - the equivalent of just 10 Olympic swimming pools - prompting claims the scheme is ineffective and cannot avert an ecological disaster.
China tells a friend to stay home
Andrew Bolt
A small win from giving the Games to Beijing:

ZIMBABWE’S President, Robert Mugabe, has been forced to return home following intense political pressure from the Chinese Communist Party not to attend Friday night’s opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games.
Too much sport is … too much
Andrew Bolt
We must pay for more athletes? I’d say we have enough already, with 434 going to Beijing. If the rest of the world sent as many as we do per head of population, there wouldn’t be 10,500 athletes at the Games village, but nearly 146,000. India wouldn’t be sending 57, but 24,600.
Dud studies behind Rudd’s freakish claims
Andrew Bolt
Dr David Stockwell, a leading expert on ecological niche modeling, checked the CSIRO’s figures and assumptions behind its warning of more drought thanks to global warming, and found in fact:

… that the results show no significant increase in drought due to greenhouse warming in almost all regions of Australia
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