Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Promoting New Music Tyr's Day 12th August

Beautiful Sunset
by brnPetra

a new little song by me.

..so far away..

Beautiful Sunset
Parisian Pink
by georgeptingley

Another go at my Canadian internet commercial "set" in Paris. Listen for added instruments, sound effects, digital processing, and tighter rhythms. Hope you like.

George Peter Tingley composes, scores, performs, and records PARISIAN PINK.
Beautiful Sunset
Exhale In Paradise
by Storkaas

© Copyright Rune Storkaas 2008
Beautiful Sunset
Men (Remastered)
by dirigent

I've tried to improve my track "Men"
for a CD.
I corrected some mistakes and remastered it completely.

Hope you like the new production of my a-cappella-cover of German songwriter Herbert Groenemeyer.

You'll find an English translation of the German text in the Lyrics-box
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