Monday, August 04, 2008

Promoting New Music Moon's Day 4th August

Beautiful Sunset
our games
by that80sboy and signorina_oscurata

"sig" was kind enough to let me add to her song "our games"...i hear bjork, lilly allen, and dolores o'riordan of the cranberries! i hope you and she likes!
Beautiful Sunset
by dirigent

A tribute to Nobel Literature Prize Laureate Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (1918-2008), Russian novelist, dramatist and historian, who died yesterday, on Aug 3rd 2008 in the age of 89 years.

Instrumental music, synthwork and production by dirigent
Beautiful Sunset
Bad Luck
by fromano and SELES

Well, this is a strange one, fellas.
These days, a sequence of unfortunate events has plagued my everyday life, so I decided to write a song about that.
It's not auto-biographical, but it's based on a true story of a guy I know, who could win a gold medal, if bad luck was an olympic speciality.
(mmmh, perhaps a silver medal... )
Antonello (Seles) helped me in many ways: listening critically to my early mixes, and giving me some precious hints about the arrangement.
In the end he also played a dynamite guitar solo.. what could I ask for more, to a friend? Thanks Anto.
OK, production is far from perfect, but these days I'm sitting at my desk at office, instead of going to the beach.. not much time for mixing (sob)
Hope you enjoy this lil' thing. (Fulvio knocks on wood)

Best of luck

Seles : Lead guitar solo, precious advices, friendship and patience
Yours truly: Music, Lyrics, Vox, guitars, bass, keys (drums are loops)
The black cat: his usual job.

PS. I have purposefully changed my vocal style here, to second the song's mood, so don't hit me too hard for that, OK? hehe.
Beautiful Sunset
Trooper's Serenade
by dirigent

Music: Orlando di Lasso (1532-1594)
Vocals: Dirigent

The original text is sung by a German soldier who can speak very little Italian. This fact is given very well in the lyrics, which resemble exactly a strong German accent (even in modern Italian). The text has many double meanings, extremely difficult to transpose in other languages. The skill of the author exploits the limited language of the soldier, using simple expressions that help him to achieve an extremely funny monologue.

The artwork is taken from a 2000 year old wall-painting from Pompeji (1st century). So the history of eroticism in Italy and it's fascination is a long one
Beautiful Sunset
Nick Knock
by Bass2x

I'm talking about Nick Knock!
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