Saturday, August 02, 2008

Liberal Messages Saturday 2nd August

Statement by Hon Alan Stockdale - Federal President - Liberal Party of Australia - Liberal National merger in Queensland
The Federal Executive of the Liberal Party today gave its approval to the merger of the Queensland Division of the Liberal Party with the National Party of Australia - Queensland.

Ruddish: Rudd's blame game on the economy
Rather than getting on with the job and managing the $1.1 trillion dollar Australian economy, Mr Rudd has spent today retreating to his usual approach of talking Ruddish and blaming everyone else for his problems.

Labor must retain full ABCC powers
The Rudd Labor Government must commit to the full retention of the Australian Building Construction Commission (ABCC) and the National Building Code, with new research today showing the Commission and the Code have played a significant role in holding down inflation and reducing building costs.

Visit to the United Kingdom and United States of America
I will be making a working visit to the United Kingdom and United States of America from 5 August to 15 August. The purpose of the visit is to hold high-level talks with senior US and UK officials and discussions in both nations will focus on global economic uncertainty, international security challenges and our response to climate change.

Turnbull Doorstop - Economy...
...Right at the beginning of the year...Wayne Swan went out and said, ‘the inflation genie was out of the bottle.’ What he said was, by using those terms, was that inflation was out of control. He talked up inflation, he talked down the economy.

Nelson interview with Matthew Abraham and David Bevan (ABC Radio, Adelaide) - Murray-Darling Basin, emissions trading scheme, Peter Costello...
The key things that need to happen – as you know, what we’ve got down in the Lower Lakes is a product of two things: the worst drought as we know in 100 years and also the mismanagement of the entire Murray-Darling system for more then a century...

ACT Veterans to bear the blunt of more Government cost-cutting
Shadow Minister for Veterans' Affairs, Bronwyn Bishop condemned the Government's decision to slash key veterans' services following the closure of the only Military Compensation and Rehabilitation Scheme (MCRS) office in Canberra yesterday.

Rudd and Epstein dragging feet on release of CMAX report
Kevin Rudd and his Chief of Staff, David Epstein, are dragging their feet on the release of the report into the awarding of the media management contract to CMAX for the 2020 Summit.

Luxury Car Tax increase to cost $123 million in lost revenue - from Audi alone!
In yet further evidence that the Rudd Labor Government has not properly thought through their proposed 8 percent increase in the Luxury Car Tax, the Senate Economics Committee today heard that this would actually cost the Government revenue, not boost it.

Future plans for World War I burial site
The Shadow Minister for Defence Science, Personnel and Assisting Shadow Minister for Defence, Bob Baldwin MP, has welcomed the announcement that the remains of the Australian and British World War I soldiers buried in Fromelles in northern France will be individually re-interred in a War Grave.

Child Support debt spiralling out of control
Human Services Shadow Minister Helen Coonan has today called for improved legislation to enforce the payment of child support obligations by parents, following reports that up to 20,000 fathers who have moved overseas are avoiding their payment commitments.

Has Conroy buried the USO Review in his too hard basket?
Almost 12 months after the previous government announced a review of the telecommunications Universal Service Obligation (USO) the silence from Labor’s Communications Minister Stephen Conroy suggests he has buried it in his too hard basket.

Legal eagles swoop on FuelWatch
The Law Council of Australia has told a Senate Inquiry the Rudd Government’s FuelWatch scheme will eliminate competition, encourage price collusion and impose an additional layer of regulation on the fuel market.

Protecting the Planet - Protecting Australia
The Coalition Joint Party Room has today unanimously agreed to key principles in relation to climate change. We give the planet the benefit of the doubt and support action on climate change. We support in principle an Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) as part of a three pillars approach to combating climate change...

DOHA breakdown must end Labor's trade inconsistency
The breakdown in negotiations for the Doha Round of world trade talks has exposed the major deficiencies in Labor's ad hoc approach to trade and must serve as a reality check for the Rudd Labor Government.

Appointment of Chief Justice of the High Court
The Coalition welcomes the appointment of Justice Robert French as the next Chief Justice of the High Court of Australia.

Deployment of Australian troops to Pakistan
The Opposition supports in principle the offering of counter-insurgency training to Pakistan's military, given Pakistan’s key role in the fight against the Taliban. But the Opposition is concerned by the ham-fisted handling of the issue by Mr Fitzgibbon...

Government must release Bracks' Review immediately
The Rudd Labor Government must release the Bracks Review of the automotive sector tomorrow (31st July), as originally promised, rather than release it under the cover of the Olympics, Shadow Industry Minister Senator Eric Abetz said today.

Brendan Nelson: Address to the Menzies Research Centre - Facing Future Challenges - A Prosperous Australia
In recent months I have also emphasised five great challenges which Australia needs to face and which our policies will tackle...

Shadow Attorneys-General and Police Ministers agree to consider National Illicit Drug Code
Today’s in-principle agreement will initially take the form of a discussion paper to be delivered in the next few months, which will be formally considered by the various State and Territory Oppositions.
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