Thursday, July 03, 2008

Promoting New Music Thor's Day 3rd July

Beautiful Sunset
The New Roman Empire
by Heightened

A mixture of modern and classical. I'm a huge history buff especially when it comes to the Roman Empire and the classics. To me history is something that happens again and again and again. Which is the overriding theme of this song. Hope you like it.

Hail Emperor Bush!
Places To Hide
by signorina_oscurata

A bit of metropolitan melancholy with highly effected keyboards. My trademark crappy broken bongos can be heard herein
Beautiful Sunset
From Purple to Lavender
by PaulFPage

Some harmonic moods from deep sombre to something resembling hope. Colors often suggest that: thus, the title. I hope you can just sit back and enjoy this for whatever it means/does to you...mainly that it gives you 3 minutes of peace.
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