Friday, July 25, 2008

Promoting New Music Freya's Day 25th July

Peace by the River
by ScubaScissors and Stockholm

First iComp collab! I'm half really excited...and half nervous XDDD

All I added was the vocal on this one, so...thank you, Stockholm, for making such an awesome track and inviting me to collaborate on it!

The original is here

I added a lot of reverb to try to blend in with the other instruments, but I think I might have overdone it a little...opinions?
Beautiful Sunset
Before The Battle
by EddieFranklin

Two classical guitars. Written and performed by Me
by signorina_oscurata

More of the usual-- experimenting with more repetition of verse, adding a chorus. An imperfect one, but it's right that way, I think?
Beautiful Sunset
by Barretok

"Thinking about your smile
So gentle, so divine
And in your vivd eyes
That at night just shine."

A rock love song

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