Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Promoting New Music Woden's Day 23rd July

Keepin' It Gangsta
by retrolust

The 5th song on our 4th album. Check it!
Beautiful Sunset
Panther Time
by georgeptingley

I was recently commissioned to write a one-minute soundtrack - a kind of James Bond-Pink Panther set in Paris kind of thing. This is a first mix so I don't mind a bit of critiquing. Thanks for listening in.

Dedicated to one of my heroes, Henry Mancini.

Panther Time composed, performed, and recorded by George Peter Tingley.
When Carnival Comes To Town
by k6

they let me loose on the korg again
Beautiful Sunset
Life's No Good (With Out You).....
by Soundhound and falzaabi

The title was ( Life is good with you )......
I just turned it around, it suited an emotion
I felt long ago, with a lady that ripped my heart out....
Don't like just writing love smooch, smooch, hug, hug, kiss, kiss songs....
Relationships my begin that way, but I know they all done end
that way....
I want to thank ( FALZAABI ) for the track,
hope I didn't hurt it to much.....

As well I hope you all like it.......

Can-A-Mer Publishing reg. 2008
Beautiful Sunset
by Heightened

This is kind of a Rhythm oriented song. Kind of weird. Lol!
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