Saturday, July 19, 2008

Promoting New Music Saturn's Day 19th July

Beautiful Sunset
La Sirène
by Lafayette

Coming back from holidays, with in my memory ... a cool siren.

Hope you like it so !

- LaFayette
Beautiful Sunset
Let Me Know
by BossHook

A kick back in the hammock lazy summer swoon about non-committal indifference. Maybe.

JL: Words, music, performance and production.

(c) 2008 Boss Hook Music, ASCAP
Beautiful Sunset
Chiquitita ABBA-Cover
by toveco

I find my old songbook whit ABBA, and start to play the old song on my keyboard, and this one I like very much, and Agneta use to be babysitter to my X-wife
long long time a
So I make this to say halo to my X.

OBS! The song is mixed optimized for headphones!
Phantom Beauty
by signorina_oscurata

sort of a live-ish demo of a song i wrote for my best friend a few months ago, when i felt like i was losing her entirely. this has turned out not to have been the case, but playing this song to myself with various complex keyboard improvisations was all i could do to feel close to her for a while. at this stage, the song stands as a canvas for vocal experimentation. it was the first time in a long time that i didn't record a song as soon as i'd concieved of it, and so it went through several stages of being until it got to this one. i need to break out of my one-handed chord-playing rut, but here it sort of serves to let my voice do the talking. there are bits i'd like to improve upon, but i'm satisfied with this product, ultimately, and don't think i could get so many things right in another take. enjoy.
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