Thursday, July 10, 2008

Promoting New Music Thor's Day 10th July

Beautiful Sunset
Nocturne for String Orchestra (2007)
by georgeptingley

About a year and a half ago I uploaded a little night piece for strings that seems to have escaped the attention of most of my iComp friends. Here it is again. The piece was improvised essentially in one take piecing together odds and ends of ingrained harmony and counterpoint . INFLUENCES - all the usual suspects: Bach, Mahler, Vaughn-Williams, Barber, and Morricone. Hope you like it.
Beautiful Sunset
Back From the Past - re-mastered
by Sloparts

What we have here a remake of "Back From the Past", with a lot of new instrumentation and re-mastering. I wanted to kick the song up a notch or two and give it more energy and variety in the back tracks. Added Pedal Steel, and a few different lead guitar parts to it, boosted the bass and drums, and cleaned up the timing so it all fit together better.

I hope you like the new version, and I promise this is the last time on this song. (

Thanks for listening,

Obligation To Love
by signorina_oscurata

I missed doing acapella work, so I began this before a weekend at the shore, and finished it upon returning. It's layers and layers of effected vocal lasagna, but this time I actually tried to pare down what I allowed myself to do... I wanted every individual piece to serve a function and do a service to the whole, whether that was to establish chords or reinforce something in another track, to providing a hint of rhythm to tie the whole bit together... I think I did alright.
Your Heart
by signorina_oscurata

A song that chose its master, I suppose. Started humming it to myself in an indignant moment in a parking lot on my way to the car. Verse 1 and chorus tumbled out of my brain fully written, but the rest took some doing (really, a negligible amount, but comparatively more).

My production still suffers from my lack of microphone-- since, in order to avoid recording multiple tracks, i've got to do vocals and keys all in the same stereo "plane", which frequently results in boomy bass on the keys. Don't crank it all the way up on the headphones and you ought to be fine, folks.
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