Sunday, July 20, 2008

Live Science News Headlines

Bigger is Better, Until You Go Extinct
There are more evolutionary pros than cons to being big, and mammal species tend to develop larger body sizes over time.

The Future of Babies: Artificial Wombs and Pregnant Grandmas
Iceberg Damage to Seafloor Increases
Meat Eaters Live a Lie
Lightning Remains Huge Mystery

Top Features
ADHD: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments
How Tides Could Power the Future
Sexy People Sound Better
Primal Fights: When Females Dominate

How Do Black Holes Form?
Universe in Grains of Sand

Image of the Day
Bee-ing Forgetful
A sick bee is a forgetful bee.

Trivia & Quizzes
The Artifact Wars
Two hundred years later Greece is still asking for the Elgin Marbles; Egypt wants its obelisks. What's all the sniveling about? We test your knowledge of archaeology's most contested items and the people who fight over them.
--Heather Whipps

Dino Quiz: Test Your Smarts

Most people can tell the difference between a T. rex and a Velociraptor. But is your dino savvy more than skin deep? Test your knowledge of dinosauria. - Robin Lloyd
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