Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Promoting New Music Woden's Day 30th July

Happy Birthday RMMB. I made the video for Hallelujah as a gift ;)
Beautiful Sunset
Theme for the Unknown Man
by ShadowofNine

Originally I was developing a theme for spoken word, however this piece did not seem appropriate for that purpose. Recently near where I live body parts have been washing up on shore, to this date no identification has taken place, they only know they are parts from several different males, Unknown persons...
Beautiful Sunset
Spanish Romance
by EddieFranklin

A Classical Guitar Piece.
Beautiful Sunset
Stop War - Have Mercy (Dirigent/Heightened)
by Heightened and dirigent

As always, Andreas keeps making music that is exceptional, unique, innovative but most of all - outstanding. It is always an honor for me to do something with Andreas and I hope everyone likes this version of Stop War - Have Mercy.

Music/Mix - Dirigent
Synths - Heightened

Original song can be found here
Beautiful Sunset
One For My Baby (cover)
by becwil

Original by Harold Arlen & Johnny Mercier, 1943.

Last year, etgilles sent a vocal recording to me of his cover on this old classic. Inspired by his creative singing, I composed some music around it. et wasn't happy with his vocal and wanted to record it again. Recently he told me to go ahead and post the music, as he just couldn't get the vocal the way he wanted it. That's probably because my music is so out in left field. Anyway, I thought his vocal stylings made the tune and so, I decided to try to represent his voice with some synth sounds carrying the melody, et style.

(For a better sense of et's incredible covers check out his Sessions collection.)

art by: Brent Lynch (detail, treated & used without permission)
Our Games
by signorina_oscurata

As it happens, my finished product really DOES benefit from a few days' solid effort. This is synth-ier than most recent stuff, but I'm really glad I went that way again. I think it's a solid tune.

Only loop used was drums. I am not a drummer, as evidenced in past (and forthcoming) efforts to percussify tracks that sound floppy without a solid beat. So hooray for free drum packs, huh?
Beautiful Sunset
Song from a Secret Garden (1996)
by georgeptingley

I discovered this beautiful tune a few years back and have always wanted to orchestrate it. It was written by Norwegian composer Rolf Lovland. Listen closely and you will hear echoes of Faure's famous Pavane. I love this piece so much I may go ahead and orchestrate it a second time. Suggestions always welcome.

George Peter Tingley presents Rolf Lovland's beautiful SONG FROM A SECRET GARDEN (1996).
[NEW] Vixen
by retrolust

from the upcoming 2008 album...

(all our new songs are tagged [NEW], please check them out)
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